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A Variety of Pictures of Girls Modelling Short Haircuts.

Pixie cuts are so versatile they'll suit anyone so consider variations in cut and length. Sport a chic pixie without sacrificing your entire head of locks. A longer pixie cut can be a great way to explore short styles while maintaining natural volume. Layering a longer pixie cut creates a completely new, playful personality. Feathering those layers will soften them, preserving your natural feminine look.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Short Red Styles.


Not Only a Boys' Club.

A consequence of wearing short haircuts is not that you're required to look, act, or feel masculine. Your femininity is palpable, even girlie-girl is possible with trimmed hair. It boils down to everything else. Skirts, dresses, and cute boots, plus girlie tops that accentuate curves can all promote your femininity. Time has removed the shock value. They've been popular for long enough that their femininity is ingrained. The bangs and length make pixie cuts seem girlie, highlights also help, as boys more often will wear their hair its natural color than girls.


Wide Mixture.

The majority of designs in this collection are effortless, only needing mousse and a dryer. Gallery number twelve was feminine and pretty and this one continues the theme with added variance. Number fourteen touches on the extreme with some palatable stuff thrown in. A typical pixie is short to medium length, we've yet to see a convincing faux pixie from an updo on long hair.


Hot Pixie Cuts.

You can have side bangs, a light fringe, or no bangs whatsoever. The cut itself can be long, jagged, or spiked. There's also suggestions on which styles flatter specific face shapes, which colors add dimension and tips on replication. There's something for everyone be it flirty, sporty, sexy, or glam.


Pixie cuts like those found here can be very flexible, you can take any direction. A testament to how hot pixie cuts are, another extensive collection of suggestions for ways to work with different lengths.


Pixies can feature spikes, waves, and asymmetrical details proving how versatile the cut can be. Style photos expand on care products to use and accessories to utilize for the myriad of situations you might find yourself in.


Fun and Liberating.

You never have to feel stretched for time again when you get a pixie cut. The way they're cut, if done correctly at the salon, always have a nice flow. Most wearers brush through each morning to remove tangles and that's about it! On a night out, you can always wear it up with gel, and dye it any color (every color of the rainbow can work for a pixie cut). Cutting your hair short is a rewarding idea, especially true for pixie cuts.


Update your world with any of these pixie styles to discover how liberating and fun this iconic style is. This gallery shows how you can rock an uncomplicated pixie cut many different ways. Present and correct are hairstyles that are an asymmetrical cut, spiked, chopped, waved and many other unique and trendy elements. Even if you stray towards medium length hair it can still be fashioned into a pixie cut. So versatile that they can be accessorized when the situation demands.