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Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women

Trade lengthy locks in for manageable cropped tresses. Have long or medium hair and see going under the scissors as a massive leap into the dark? Making the transition is tough. You'll encounter a handful of ideas, from friends or co-workers who've gone for the big chop or shorter designs. There's a huge variety of options. Can't decide what'll look best? Try our makeover tool. An efficient way to visualize tons of suitable short haircuts starting at a few inches long ranging to midway down the neck and beyond. Explore how these styles work for different faces and how hair color affects appearance.


Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Celebrities Sporting Short Bob Styles.

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Design Variety.

There's so much diversity in this collection there's a danger of becoming overwhelmed. A broad spectrum of ideas for saying goodbye to your length. Haircuts at the shorter end of the spectrum have gained much popularity in recent years. They've found increasing favor with celebrities in television shows and movies. Fancy a head shave like Eleven from Stranger Things? Don't go that far. Going extreme reduces choice whereas compromise allows greater variety. Gone are the days when short styles had to be wash-and-wear. There are already many ways to style easy and carefree short designs.

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Red Carpet.

Find dozens of examples taken straight off the red carpet, the runway and even the big and small screens. Start casual fun and flirty short styles like spikes and semi-tousled to sleeker styles for elegant and formal events. Enlarge each photo with one click. Vivid descriptions will help recreate your style of choice with minimal difficulty.


No Bad Hair Days.

Whatever skin tone, face shape, or hair texture you possess find at least one to like here. With so many hairstyles to choose from, there's no excuse for bad hair days or dull short styles. Transpose or combine elements of one style and another, producing unique results by making little twists. Such as a pixie cut with bangs parted in the center instead of the side and similar quirks. Pair versatile styles and elegant office attire or fun and funky beach outfits.


A Spectrum of Lengths.

Some styles allow daily variety but some offer genuine get-up-and-go properties. Run styling gel through and they're ready in minutes.


Consider the style you choose needs to match your sense of fashion, your hair color, and dimensions of your face. Terminology is often difficult as one man's short could be another's medium length cut and vice versa. Longer examples in the next gallery.