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Adding Details to Short Locks.

Find style variations thin on the ground? We challenge preconceptions here, combining styles, adding new flares to old ideas, and messing with the status quo.


Haircuts flare to the max, others curl in ways we've never considered before. Try parting in a different direction. Some styles are quirky, all are original. Comparing the galleries, this one has cuts that'll take most preparation time. Don't mind getting out of bed extra early to work on the coolest haircut? Get lost and immersed here, your style sense won't regret it.


Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Celebrities wearing Short Curls.

Can you name them all? Answers at the end.

Add Details.

Adding interesting details can inspire, find tips in the photos. Looking timeless and effortless is always possible. Looking to add more volume and thickness to those short locks? There may not be enough for ombre, but you can always color the tips, add highlights, or even use chalk for a non-permanent change. Match seasons of the year and never go out of style. Pick coordinating colors, or be bold and go against the grain. Taking the road least followed results in either a monumental flop or if the gamble pays dividends, the consequence is a stratospheric, off scale success.



Enhance most hairstyles using accessories that allow complete change costing minimal effort. You could braid or pin your hair up. Most styles shown here are quite short, so you might feel you've limited options, think outside the box.


Each of these styles started existance as a bob. You might think bob cuts are boring, grandma's favorite. They came from a time that was anything but boring, for empowering reasons.


History of the Bob.

It's thought the term bob or bobbed hair originates in the seventeenth century and refer to a short horses tail, unflattering and unappealing sounding but there you are. Bobbed hair was controversial and the term may have been coined to deter. Bobby pin is also a related term, referring to pinning bobbed hair.


The short bob originated over a century ago; it gained popularity in the early 20th century. Women sought its convenience when engaging in the war effort during World War I. The Roaring 20's saw the cut become more than only convenient. The short bob was the hairstyle of the chic and stylish flappers.


After the 1930's it fell out of style. Reborn in the 1960's at the dawn of the Beatles and social upheaval surrounding the Vietnam War. Since then, the short bob has been going strong, supporting women with versatile and easy-to-manage styles and gracing album covers, television, and movie screens. Whether you're Cyndi Lauper, Uma Thurman, or an office manager, at some point you have found the short bob the ideal cut. Ready to take your bob game to the next level? Peruse this gallery. Since we're already looking at unique styles, try mixing and matching the ideas until one's unique.


Unlike a proportion of previous galleries and galleries to follow, this has several varieties. Each style is accompanied by descriptions detailing how to achieve similar fabulous bobs, pixies, quiffs and undercuts for a fraction of salon time. A gallery ranges from girly and elegant to boyish and carefree. If you're tired of the status quo or think your bob needs refreshing, one of these styles might work well for your color, complement your eyes and flatter your face shape.