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Old Fashioned is one thing, Retro is Another.

There's a myriad of reasons to go short. Some ladies look for a change after years and years of samey old styles, others seek new adventure. Changing from long hair does more than alter the length, it creates new facial focal points. Allow prominence to the natural lines of the jawbone and cheekbone shape. Changing from long to short can make you like a completely new person. Chopped designs can take you from ordinary to something new and exciting. Featuring bold and adventurous variations on the pixie cut.

Bonus Video Slideshow. Extra 40 Short Curly Styles.


Adventurous Retro.

Adventurous Retro. You'll find tons of hair designs, each one unique and interesting. For adventurous women who aren't scared to reach outside the box and try something new. The eighth gallery is a treasure trove of unusual styles for short locks. Take bravery to the next level employing these trendy-yet-unique elements. You might spot something that reminds you of Emma Watson's super-boyish pixie, or something reminiscent of Sharon Osbourne's short, red cut.


Imagination and Innovation.

Funky yet wearable. Choose from a wide range of spiky cuts, curly bobs and sleek colored styles. In glossy magazines and even the catwalk, messy and less structured designs are the hot thing to possess. Remain updated and trendy wearing any of these fourteen fearless and chic looks that will cause a stir. Stand out using extraordinary and interesting combinations of styles, textures, and colors.


Sleek and cool? Experiment new ideas every month. Since they're all short, that might even be possible. The coolest part of this collection is you don't need to follow rules or instructions. Explanations are in the descriptions on how to achieve each, but it doesn't matter, imagination is key. Use the curler to achieve the curls or braid away instead for an alternative texture. Consider a bob and you think it could have elements of pixie cuts? Indulge your experimental alter-ego. It's about coloring within the lines, regarding these funky styles, the sky's the limit.


 Give one from this selection a shot. Creative and unique styles are unusual and the world needs variation. These collections cover brightly colored styles, sleek and spiky cuts, curly bobs and messy, choppy bangs. The elements that you choose make personal perfection. Graceful reds, elegant blonde or attractive browns. Colors, textures and elements combine producing individuality.


The last collection was quite civilized, this one a little more brazen then we kick it up another notch in the next one.