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This Emmy Award winning actress knows her style. Katherine Heigl has worn many different hairstyles and it works for her. Her short blonde curls with loads of volume create some serious oomph.

Another One from Michelle Williams. We all have always admired Michelle right from the start when she debuted as a teen temptress in Dawson's creek. Who isn't awe-struck at her latest portrayal of the seductive icon Marilyn Monroe on the Hollywood big screen?

Gosh, this woman. She makes us green with jealousy. She possesses ridiculous amounts of beauty. A celebrity that steals your heart and attention with their sense of style and poise. Oh, we didn't mention her hair? When you think of her, it's the first thing that pops into your head. She's carried every style possible and exudes elegance.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty (that's her full name) is one woman who proved your hair can be as, if not more, versatile as your clothes. Shuttling between various lengths, textures, and shades, RiRi keeps flooring us with her style as much as her music. The Canadian show Roc la Familia which proved to be her biggest break, saw her in cute bubblegum-perm and sweet, frosted pink lipstick, giving us no warnings about the fierce fashionista that she was going to morph into.

Riley Keough is the eldest granddaughter of Elvis Presley but this feisty girl has much to say for herself too. She's a Victoria's Secret Angel, she's also the face for Miss Dior Cherie. You don't get there with nothing, girls.

Sharon Stone is one of those rare celebrities who knows to opt for a simple look and stick with it. As one of the more mature showbiz women, the style she rocks is more laid back than the past. Here she has opted for a rather laid back, layered look and it works well for her. Her face is framed well, and it's nothing too extravagant. It's the perfect look for those that want something a little more subtle.

Vanessa Hudgens started off as a Disney teen icon that has been inspiring a huge fan following with her easy-going casual look. Are you a Hudgens fan? Her style is easy to borrow, her style type is bohemian chic. Peaceful and earthy colors are the key!

Katherine Heigl with a Retro Blonde Hairstyle.

Katherine has worn several variations of short layered bob cuts often with springy, spiral curls. Her hairstyles reflect the smooth and silky nature of her hair. She mixes smooth bangs with length for this timeless classic. Nothing less than an angel in her voluminous layered cut left free behind her ear. She has also sported many other retro hairstyles, complete with a sleek part and a sparkling hairpin. One of her retro hairstyles had an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. Her locks fall gently out of place in a flattering and face framing manner. During the People's choice Awards, she wowed the audience with a stunning formal ponytail.


The hairstyle above shows off her sunflower blonde blow-waved layer cut and the locks add shape and style to her figure. Katherine Heigl can carry herself with style and bling. We see her beautiful curly locks swept to one side, a sight that is sure to sweep you off your feet. She also looks sophisticated with her hair pinned up in an elegant knot.


Moving on to her clothes, she's set to win the hearts of any audience. Katherine Heigl wore a Navy blue dress and a draped coat at the Beverly Hotel that complements her color. Her sleek strapless little black dress for the New Year's Eve Premiere created some talk. She looked trendy in her fuzzy seashell pink turtleneck, which she complemented with a red scarf and ankle length leather boots. Her camel coat with a cozy ivory scarf was simple, yet perfect. Last but not the least, her elegant red one-shouldered gown with a long train and retro hairstyle had a striking resemblance to Marilyn. She sometimes wears clothes that make her look older than she is, but she knows how to rock and make heads turn!

Michelle Williams.

The sexy bad girl's style has changed over the past decade. We've come to fall in love with the charming actress not only for her angelic styling sense but also for her sexy sartorial twists! Coming to her hairstyle, she keeps her hair short for a long time now, and yes, it suits her too well! The American actress pulls out her trademark pixie cut accentuating her facial features with the most angelic smile that one could ever give. Check out her cropped up hair focusing on the fringes! Michelle chooses to keep chopping her hair shorter and shorter! No wonder she still looks stunning and appealing in all those styles. She has managed to turn heads with all those variations in her signature hair style!


Rolling back into the nostalgic past, hoping to find her old hairdos we have spotted her in Marilyn-like curls, with smoky effect on her eyes. She also had medium and long hair with bangs and has succeeded in producing a smooth wavy effect on her golden lustrous hair! No matter what, it is undeniable that the pixie has become her style. Michelle's not a color bomb when it comes to clothing. The Dawson's creek beauty chooses to keep it simple yet striking. Her colors usually match her skin tone, else it's either black or white or a clean combination.


Those knee-length dresses flaunt her flawless toned legs! Splash some color. We notice she does appear in colors and we can't stop going WOW! The effect has no match! She has an undefinable style. The color definitely enhances that divine beauty she possesses. She looks gorgeous, and has never let her fashion turn disaster! The deep-purple belted tiered gown got her on the best-dressed list. The see-through red lace frock depicts her confidence and the yellow gown has a sunny attitude.

Ways Rachel McAdams Kicks Style.

A natural brunette, blessed with flawless skin of matched tones. Her trademark side blunt bangs with her wispy bob and shade of chestnut. She flicked out the ends to get that fun n' flirty look. She even gave us a modified version using a flatiron to make her layers look smooth and sleek. The deep brown lends sheen and dimension. Her curly bob repleted with side-swept bangs accentuating her cheekbones, making her seem like a timeless beauty. Also, the intricate updo with her auburn locks pulled back and intertwined into each other makes for a perfect style in a more formal setting.

Style Back Catalog.

Rachel has dabbled in a plethora of colors but blonde suits her best. The chic, tousled updo in a darker shade of blonde made the perfect look in an official surrounding. A bit of old-world romance kicked in as she braided her hair in sections across the crown, a flower added glitz. She even surprised us with funky pink highlights on a light blonde choppy bob. Marilyn Monroe-ish with tight, wavy blonde curls is in most girl's back catalog. She gave sleek a new twist when she wrapped a section of her hair across her head, pulling back smooth, light waves. She's our unofficial queen of bangs.


Who can forget the graceful, fresh updo with twisted, intricate curls that immediately climbed the most wanted bridal hairstyles list? She even went red-headed for her look in The Notebook, hogging the limelight with her glorious, lustrous mane. The Morning Glory star is also the undisputed queen of bold lipstick, carrying even the darkest, loudest shades with panache. Her fuchsia, russet, and pop-orange shades stand out the most. Her clothes are another story altogether, adorning her in varied tones, fruity, sunny, sultry, angelic, but always brimming with class and grace.

Rihanna - Hair Changeling.

RiRi could publish a 500-page back catalog with no repetition whatsoever. Raven, being her natural shade, looks best on Rihanna. Her trademarks stem from the way her raven locks shine against her skin. The high pony of loose, windswept waves softened her features and made her more youthful. The long bob and full-fat fringe making her look like a resurrected 80's pop star. Sleek n' chic style, with beaded clips for the bling quotient. The iconic super-short pixie crop that floored us all and the revolutionary shaved undercut given a different dimension with a girly ballet bun and a long, sweeping fringe.

Get the Hairstyles.

Brunette hues match earthy tones, try a clever pin-up of her brunette curls on top to recreate the pixie. Or the long, flowing auburn locks that made her look lovely. The curled-under pony with a long fringe look oozes comfort with a dash of pep. Where are the naysayers who said a blonde Rihanna wouldn't work? Fangirling over pics of her terrific short, blonde bob and the golden, sunny curls with the trendy full-fringe. She checked both the elegant box with her soft, blonde locks piled into a high bun and the high-end fashionista box with a tousled 2-toned fringe of blonde and brown streaks.


Never one for boring (or repetitive) hairdos, Rihanna rocked reds and multi-colors too. Like the pink pixie crop wig (which looked amazing, btw), the good old blow-dry accentuated with a classic cherry-red shade, two-toned (think copper + red) super-straight locks. She aced the casual game too, thanks to the laid-back and lovely fishtail braid. But the world will never ever let's forget her fiercest look yet, the hot red bang and buzz cut which took the fashion world by storm. She's one versatile girl who can max every look- fierce, girlish, and elegant! Thanks to her shrewd makeup, jewelry sense (she sure knows when to pile and drop), and the ability to tweak a look with a dash of individuality and poise.

Riley Keough is the Granddaughter of Elvis.

Riley sure has the stuff, her sense of style captivates us the most, especially her hair. She switches between red and blonde so often, we're not sure what her natural shade is anymore. Her voluminous, textured layers set the mood for being sultry in an otherwise conservative ensemble. Also, girls went berserk dialing their stylist to recreate her side-parted, long, ombre waves. She even transformed an orthodox centre-parted, draped-over-a-shoulder hair into an edgy look. She exploited her flair with waves a bit more by curling them tight, with a sunny blonde hue. She showcased her punk side with controlled frizz and uneven, crimped hair.

Frizzy can be Good.

We were completely caught off guard when she went frizzy, voluminous, permed-come-curled hair that spread out like a halo. But she proved she could carry a version of the curly trend with lustrous, glowing blonde hair, giving a youthful look. Our personal favorite is vintage whitish blonde with closely-packed coils. A redheaded Riley is the most stunning of the lot it glowed with nourishment and was picture perfect. She gathered it over a shoulder and made the lower part wavy. That style tweaked to an even curled, side-parted look which spelled sophistication.


So what does Riley do when her hair isn't curled? She lets the red mane down in feisty, textured layers, looking like a woman on fire. She's proved that she could even go all lovey-dovey if she tried, in a cute, innocent, natural, tumbling ensemble. When it comes to her attire, she favors the Goth-girl. The vigor and energy of her persona shine through whatever clothes she wears be it edgy or girlish. But her go-getter, tough fashionista impression is what makes her the girl she is. So what does Riley do when her hair isn't curled?

Sharon Stone has Still Got it.

Despite her age, Sharon Stone still has it, in part down to her tremendous short haircuts. This one's perfect no matter your age, although it does seem to veer towards those on the older side. If you want to dress to impress, take it from Miss Stone who's been a queen of the red carpet a good number of years now. Her styles also work well in casual environments. Here she's rocking her trademark on the red carpet. She has opted for slight curls and either used a pair of curling tongs or she may have natural curls.


Looking for something simple but breathtaking? Sharon Stone is a goddess amongst woman so when it comes to fashion emulating her can't be bad. Here she opted for a slicked back look. This is something which would go down particularly well at a formal gathering, or if you are looking to impress at a more casual event. Ignore her age for a while, if you are looking for hair ideas that can impress people, then here it is. Suitable for pretty much everyone.

The Smile of Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa owns some awesome accessories that complement her dress. This stylish little girl is often spotted in ripped jeans or shorts and floral print tops. Look at her natural casual style that seems so genuine. This is what makes Vanessa stand out in the crowd. She manages to balance her simple dress sense with effective accessories and hairstyles. A picture of effortless beauty but deep down has a very good sense of style! The shirt-dress has become a trend among the stars and she is its pioneer, the floral maxi looks beautiful because she's wearing it! Vanessa seems to be inspired by the typical bohemian style and the very first look of her face brings eternal peace and excitement at the same time.


Her beauty enhancement rule is her hairdo! She looks enviably pretty in every style, a messy updo best suits her. Who wouldn't want to look like her if she keeps us fascinated with her serene looks! While she seems to prefer the casual look, on the red carpet Vanessa Hudgens arrives with a bang! The choice of gowns and dresses are undescribable! Check your pulse coz this girl could take your breath away! The image she portrays on the red carpet is astonishing and contrasts the girl-next-door image. The way she carries herself is so adorable and her million dollar look is killer!