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Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin - Style Back Catalog.

Ginnifer Goodwin - Fashion, Style, and Hair.

Ginnifer's been on the big screen for many years now, she never fails to impress every time she's in a movie. Her style has matured over the years from round-faced, rosy cheeked twenty-something through brunette long silky haired stunner to pixie clad yummy mummy.


Her natural hair color is shiny chocolate colored with straight texture and she tends to stick with this except for a brief experiment with gray/violet. Her hair looks shiny and soft to touch at all times so whatever style she wears it always looks good. She maintains that it requires lots of effort and time with straighteners but it always seems in good condition.


She looks perfect and stunning in her fun-filled pixie with edgy spikes creating a messy look, matched by her fabulous makeup and her outfit, she looks gorgeous. Ginnifer has shown the world various pixie cuts. She's done several things to her locks to get an extra edge and look unique every time she appears on and off camera. Ginnifer gave herself a signature appearance as she showed the real her by cutting her mane without a seconds thought.


Big Step.


Ginnifer shocked the fashion world as she cut her mane into a chic pixie flair as she filmed 'He's Not That Into You'. She stated in an interview that she would never allow her mane to get long again because it was too time-consuming to fix. She added she can wear wigs and stuff if a role required.


Total Fashion


What makes Ginnifer outstanding, aside from her hair, is her sense of total fashion and style. Though it's sometimes difficult to match the hairstyle to the outfit, she seems to manage it, every time you see her in that pixie cut, she always looks fantastic. She knows how to choose the right outfit to stand out. Lately, she has been in a Monique Lhuillier Gown in orange with her pixie cut that stood head and shoulders above her contemporaries not only because of her neon colored dress but because nobody thought her pixie cut would shine among chignons and buns she pulled it off. She matched her outfit with silver high heeled shoes and pale makeup.


On a White House Correspondents Dinner, our beautiful Snow White appeared like a princess. With her real life prince as she showed up in a white H&M dress rumored to cost 'too much'. Nevertheless, the outfit looked fabulous as she wore it with style and class. Her outfit matched a golden pouch and fresh makeup with super shiny red lips.


Casual Days.


As she goes casual she still often looks stunning. Her usual outfit is a simple top with a cute bubbled, straight or enlarged skirt, she doesn't often wear jeans.

Film and TV career.

When she became a television actress, she changed the spelling of her name from Jennifer to Ginnifer. A nod to her regional accent and also to distinguish her from the many Jennifer's in Hollywood. Ginnifer is reportedly close to Jennifer Morrison, her co-star in Once Upon a Time. Ginnifer and Josh Dallas got married in 2014, they have two children.


She's the daughter of Linda and Tim Goodwin and was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Younger sister, Melissa, works in show business as a stop motion animator, they've actually worked together on the odd project.