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Sometimes, all a girl wants is to update her look. She doesn't want to get over dramatic but she does want a change and make a statement. This cut, though modern and perfect all on its own, is perfect for subtle ladies looking to introduce a little more sass and step up their look! Step out in style in a gorgeous, shorter cut with elements of bob hairstyles and asymmetrical bottom edges. The side part is deep and flipped to the side with care, but the ensemble seems effortless.

Once upon a time, the 1920s came roaring in and ladies were looking for a serious change. They grew tired of traditional long, boring hair and dresses expected of women before the time. They needed something different and the new era brought with it a great shift. Women began cutting their hair shorter and taking on more boyish appearances, but they didn't skip the glam.

A little bit punk, a little bit sexy and a little bit demure, all combine into this single hairstyle. Any woman who wears this style will be able to go from soft and sweet professional to super raunchy and racy rocker. With a slick part and contrasting color, all you need is hairspray and gel and you can re-create this effortlessly. A bit softer with some sparkling accessories, and you're ready for any situation.

If there's a celebrity that's synonymous this short, sassy bob it's the one and only Victoria Beckham. She brings sophisticated, sleek and edgy sexy style to this classic.

For a bold executive style, try a dramatic daytime faux updo. Women are getting adventurous with professional hairstyles. Long gone are the days of tedious chignons and buns. Today's working women covet exciting and dynamic styles. Dramatic updos are one way that ladies are challenging the definition of professional.

Edgy and feminine, shorter back and a longer top, you can create a fringe, spike or other feature. Perfect for any occasion no matter how super glamorous.

Get a Rockers edge with this spiky short hairstyle in this season's smokin' rouge tones and highlights of ash blonde.

Sassy Short Blonde Bob. 1920's Effect. Slick Fringe and Spiky Back Posh Spicesque. Chestnut Attitude. Slightly Windswept Short Style. Fiery Red Look with Wispy Bangs and Layered Sides. Spikes with Flecks of Blonde.

Sassy Blonde Bob.

Many different variations on this classic style are possible and desirable. Curl up for sophistication, or crimp as shown for a vintage throwback to the 1980s and 1990s. Layer it, or wear one length, the fundamental effect remains with subtle differences. Though the model in our image rocks a blonde hue, we encourage you to take on the artistic flair of any shade you prefer. Would look amazing in a warm brunette, a rich black or even an electric blue. The only limitation is imagination.

Eighties Asymmetry.

Asymmetry, popularized in the 1980s, has only evolved and grown since. It's a fabulous way to tell the world you're nontraditional and creative with a unique flair and a confidence most only dream of. The deep, angled part makes this quite unique and gives a twist that changes the entire appearance. It's this diversity that makes us say wow!


There's no age group that cannot make this entirely their own. Older women will give an air of sophisticated elegance while younger women will bring a youthful, vibrant edge. It's flexible and will be amazing in an array of colors, shapes, and styles. Short enough to keep cool in summer but long enough to grow out without losing the style in the colder months of autumn and winter. The style is dynamic and ultra excellent for all times of the year, no matter your age or personal style. Fits so many niches: professional, mom, daughter, student, cheerleader it has crazy awesome diversity and will be crazy gorgeous on you!

1920's Flapper.

Finger waves were popular back in the 1920s. Today they're a reminder of the classic past and a total throwback to an era of grandeur and taste. Finger waves are still used today for both casual style and formal gala nights, being the choice of brides and prom queens alike for a vintage, yet oddly modern, approach. Many celebs have rocked finger waves, including notable names like Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), Halle Berry (Catwoman), Beyonce Knowles (Singer, Actress) and Nicole Richie (The Simple Life, reality star).


Some celeb ladies prefer to wear them in a longer variation, such as Megan Fox (Transformers) and Kristen Stewart (Twilight). No matter who or what your inspiration is for choosing finger waves is you'll be communicating the same message to the world: I'm a woman with sophisticated taste who will accept no substitutes! Women in the 20s needed a new look, and sometimes, so do you! Roar it up, twenties style and go for this daring idea.


Absolutely timeless; having originated in the time of world war one is still alive today. All generations, Grandmothers, mothers and daughters alike will look excellent, it's adorable and appropriate for all ages. Would work best in more natural shades, though you may make it yours and rock a crazy hue or two for your own personal style. It flatters round face shapes best, looks amazing on square jaws and oval faces.

Sleek Front and Spiky Back.

A touch of the punk rock vibe to this because of the teasing and spikes at the back. The slick bangs give a sassy chic appeal. The combination of slick and spiky textures make this suitable for casual hangouts, concerts, chill date nights and even for the workplace. Make the spikes pinching the tips using styling wax or gel. Slick the top and front down by combing and applying the same product. Once set, this punk rock style needs little or no maintenance throughout the day.

Victoria Beckham Inspired Bob.

She's not the only leading lady to show off this style but she was certainly a pioneer. Others include Rihanna (singer), Paris Hilton (Hilton hotels heiress), and Katy Perry, (2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show singer). These ladies have been at the forefront of the charge on sassy, stylish and edgy hairstyles and show no signs of relenting. Neither should you! Comb through for a casual look, or even muss it up a bit for the rolled out of bed look.


Can also be polished and professional; a straight iron, a curling iron, and some shine spray can turn this from blah to blast when you straighten the top and curl the bottom edges under, adding shine spray as you go to give your locks a polished shine that rivals the brightest of diamonds. Unlike most conservative fashion haircuts, this is amazing with all colors, including and not limited to the crazy colors so popular among younger ladies today. Wear it in a simple brunette, or spice it up with an electric blue (just like Katy Perry!).

Every Face Shape.

No matter what you choose to do with it, this example is both refined and modern with lots of edge and appeal for all ages. Women from all walks of life can enjoy this design and it flatters almost every face shape. Enough edge for younger generations but the elegant finesse generally required by women of a certain age.


Excellent for warmer climates, as it keeps back of your neck free, it's also easy to flatten along your neck beneath a warm hat for those cold winter mornings. Try it today and watch your style evolve.

Bold Attitude.

Despite the bold appearance, updos are functional. They get the hair away from the face and out of the eyes. Whether you're working at a desk or out in the field, it's important to have your vision clear, which requires getting your hair up out of the way. In the past, boring styles like buns were the preferred method of getting hair away from the eyes. Today, women are cutting their locks a little shorter and taking bigger risks with styling. The shorter strands give greater freedom to style in unique ways without too many clips, bands, and barrettes. The shorter styles can be set with hairspray, staying strong throughout the day and well out of the way.

Inverted Bob Style Derivative.

To get the look shown, start off with an inverted bob, longer at the front and shorter at the back. Next, apply mousse in generous quantities to the roots using your fingertips. This will give your hair the body it needs. Use a brush to direct all of your hair towards the crown. It's okay if a few strands get lose. Use gel, hairspray or your other favorite holding product to keep it all in place. Release and re-direct it towards the crown if it moves. Make sure to get any loose pieces.


To finish, give the tips a run-through with your fingers to make sure they're separated and free and brush the bangs to one side. Looks especially fine with heavy eye makeup. Eyeliner, black mascara, and smoky shadow are all fantastic compliments. The drama of the hair helps offset heavier makeup, giving the wearer greater freedom to choose a style they love. This hairstyle looks particularly dashing on round faced women with smaller features, like Victoria Beckham or Miley Cyrus. Every woman should try a short haircut and a dramatic updo at least once in her life, so give it a try and discover your inner diva.

Vivacious Red Colored Cut.

This fiery rouge color is a most interesting shade to work with. Its brightness and the fact that fewer people are natural redheads, the color automatically draws attention. Short ends at the back, varying lengths at the crown and wispy tips in front.


Working with this can be as simple as putting leave-in conditioner and combing it through or as complex as teasing, tossing and making it edgy using wax or mousse, the choice is yours. Slick this style any way you want with some gel or wax, and the possibilities will unfold. With the right color and makeup, you are sure to be a showstopper. In contrast to the relative order here, over the page is a force of nature.

Many Colors and Spikes.

This spiky short design with blonde highlights has the edgy punk look and appeal that's similar to those found on the catwalk or in fashion magazines. Has all the elements of a great design, it has texture and body from the spikes all around the sides, front and top. It has volume and dimension from the red base color, brown lowlights, and blonde highlights.

A Shock of Spikes.

Creating this requires styling product for the spikes, mousse, wax or gel will do. Toss the hair around or tease for a messy appearance. To make the overall look appear light, flick the ends away, this gives a slight wispiness. Turn the page and you'll see a similar cut that's toned down and more suitable in a formal setting.