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Dreamt of curly hair? Could never commit to a perm? Short, loose curls may be your perfect choice. The shortened length prevents the curls from getting weighed down, giving them a truer curl. Lively and youthful it's used by stylists to disguise unwanted features like large ears.

Have your hairdresser start with a short bob that hits around chin level. Add layers and a pinch of framing around the face. Side-swept bangs are another lovely addition.

Go big or go home, right? Give yourself a dramatic makeover by test driving short, tight curls. The classic look, reserved for the elderly population but has been making a comeback in the mainstream market. Super easy to maintain and functional but you won't pull it off without the right amount of confidence, if you're not 100 percent committed, it's not right for you.

Diverse looks are all the rage! It's so important that you have a style that translates from your personal life (whether that includes rock shows, skateboarding, or art galleries) to your professional life. You need a look that coincides with your personality yet is versatile enough to be appropriate and fashionable for any situation you're likely to be in.

A round face shape is similar to an oval face shape in that most styles will suit. Making your face look that little bit longer is ideal. When you have a round face shape it's a good idea to keep your hair length that little bit longer. About to the chin is perfect.

This nice and funky hairstyle is both versatile and fashionable. It's simple to maintain and if you have an occasion where you need a more conservative look flatten the whole look down a touch.

It's often said: in fashion, what goes around comes around. Moments in history inspired so many styles, that's what makes them so glam! Old school trends from the 1970s or 1980s are being reinvented by fashion conscious young adults and teenagers.

Loose Waves. Short to Medium Bob with Dark Wisps. Ringlets on Short Blonde Hair. Versatile Crop on a Muted but Light Color. Blonde Spiky Design Slightly Feathered for Softness. A Funky and Versatile Quintessential Pixie Cut. Get an Updated Retro Seventies Design.

Give a Creative Twist to your Usual Short Tresses.

Start with a short-to-medium haircut and loose perm, the result will be permanent curls you can wash and wear. The curls should be jostled as little as possible and may require some attention in the morning. If you're prone to frizzies, you may need to apply a small amount of product to give the curls the sleek look you desire.

Dip Your Toe In.

If you're not ready to go curly full-time, you can still get this fun, southern-belle look at home using a curling iron and regular styling products. Start with a short bob. The bob should hit around your chin or a touch below and should be one length all round. Head home and get your hot curlers ready. Take small chunks from all around your head and curl it towards the back. Curl according to the manufacturer's directions, allowing the curls to cool completely before releasing them from the curlers. Use a curling iron to give your bangs a slight curl towards the ends. Once cooled completely, run your fingers through and apply product if you're prone to frizz.


The best face shapes for the short and curly look aren't what you might suspect. Long, oval and square faces work particularly well. The reason is the shortness offsets long faces while the curls give curves to square faces. The best hairstyle for your face shape is one that offsets any perceived weaknesses. Countless celebrities wear short, loose curls including Vivica Fox. The style's classic, yet trendy, working its way in and out of Hollywood circles with frequency. Give yourself a Hollywood makeover by starting with a short curled hairstyle. You may find that this stunning style is a lot more fun and easier to maintain than you thought.

Dark Bob on the Medium Side.

Short bobs have been popular since the 1960s when women who spent more time out needed a fun, fierce and easy to maintain hairstyle. The short bob is all these things. With only a couple of simple modifications, it's brought into the current century.


Style the modified short bob an endless number of ways. Many people think that short hair has limitations, but the modified short bob is one of the most versatile styles in the hairdressing world. Wear it in a faux updo, left down in a classic style, curled for volume or even blown out for a windswept look. The way you style your bob will depend on your personality and individual style. Many women like the professional appearance of a sleek and sophisticated bob that's brushed and left flat. Those with natural waves, straighteners can help create the appearance of sleekness. For a bit of softness, add long, side-swept bangs.


For those with a little more funk in their personality, the windswept look is a popular choice. To achieve, apply a generous amount of product to the base of the hair. Use your fingers to grab and comb straight out, away from the scalp. Mold hair in place using your hands, and spray with a flexible-hold hairspray to keep the strands in place. Get unique by adding a streak of temporary color.

Post-Bob Hair.

Another reason the modified short bob is so popular is because it looks great as it grows out. There aren't many hairstyles that look as neat and maintained when they grow out. With regular trimming as the hair grows, you'll end up with long, healthy hair that's ready for your next style experiment.


The list of celebrities that have rocked the short bob look is lengthy. Many Hollywood A-listers from Victoria Beckham to Christina Aguilera have worn the look at one time or another, many returning to the style year after year. The short bob is easy to maintain and looks great on any woman, it continues to be one of the most requested styles at salons. The style is particularly flattering on smaller faces, complementing delicate features and balancing out the face. Try a short bob today and experience the wonder of simple styling.

Golden Ringlets.

Short, tight curls are not something you should attempt on your own. Always leave the perming to a professional. The curls are smaller and tighter than you will be able to achieve with a curling iron or a set of hot curlers. Tell the hairdresser you would like a long pixie with a tight perm. Then, produce a picture. The best way to tell anyone what you want is to show them. Your stylist will cut your hair first, then color and perm if needed. Remember, to maintain the tight curls, you can't wash your hair for 2 days after. For those with frizz-prone hair, ask about a styling product that helps prevent it.

Functional and Beautiful.

The main draw for short, tight curls is that they're functional and beautiful. If you work in a profession that requires you to keep your hair out of your face, this style will never drop into your eyes. The shortened hair is up, out of the way and out of danger while the curls allow you to maintain your feminine identity. You can always add barrettes, hair bands or other embellishments to dress the style up. A side bang, done in a similar curl, is also recommended. Some women enjoy using highlights for added contrast. Permed hair works particularly well for blondes.

Best Face Shapes.

The short, tight curled look works best for those with heart-shaped or square faces. The curls offset the sharp angles of the jaw and give a more feminine appearance. Women that have worn this style include Marilyn Monroe and Reese Witherspoon. Short, tight curls will always be in style. The classic hairdo, worn by some of Hollywood's most influential women, giving it a permanent place in the hairstyle hall of fame.

Confident Color.

Short locks like this show there's nothing to hide, these are assertive and radiate confidence. This particular style has both feminine and masculine elements. The confidence this style projects is undeniably sensual. Nothing is sexier than poise! Do a super deep part, eliminating the appearance of any existing cowlick by blow drying and brushing back.


Using straightening serum on damp hair, blow dry the bangs to one side using a small round brush. Soft and side-swept bangs help to minimize square jaws and make short haircuts less severe. Once dry, create a wispy effect using straighteners on the face-framing sections, tousle, and separate with your fingers.

Heavy Texture, Luminous Blonde.

Rough and light are two terms that best describe this design. Rub gel or styling cream on your palm and apply by hand combing. Finish by ruffling your locks to achieve the light yet rough style this image depicts. Avoid dull and limp hair. Called the crowning glory partly because hair has the ability to show character and aura.


This blonde cut has both the rocker chick and girly vibe, the shortness and spikes are attributes that give it attitude while the feathery texture gives softness and femininity. Perfect for any weather, but most especially during summer as it's easy and simple. Can be worn by college chicks, career women juggling three jobs, the working mom, and even mature women.

Hermione Wore this when she Grew-up.

This funky design is similar to Emma Watson's famous trim, it's such a short example but still offers versatility in terms of styling. The varying lengths give an overall texture and body, the back is kept longer with hair touching the nape. The cut's sides go beyond the temple and end at ear level. The top is messy while the bangs are side-swept. The versatility comes in playing it up or down depending on the occasion, keeping it funky like this model has is great for casual days while slicking it back for elegant evenings and formal occasions.


Try this with feminine outfits you'll radiate femininity. Light makeup will enhance the overall look. Dry and brush neatly, side part the top and flick up the middle.

Seventies Chic.

A perfect example, it gives a contemporary version of 70's chic! While the layered cut is modern, the style is reminiscent of the 70's.


Once you get the layered cut, the rest will be a breeze. Starting from damp hair, brush sides towards the face and bangs to taste. Apply defrizzing or texturizing cream with fingers. With a paddle brush, dry using wide sweeping motions of the brush. Use a 1-inch flat iron to straighten and shape sections roughly forwards.