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Cut into the edges to create softness, cut into them more to create this choppy edge. Heavy use of styling product is a necessity but hold back on the product and the extreme styling and you'll have a more pedestrian vibe that you can wear anywhere.

Social scientists have conducted studies that suggest women with shorter hair often appear more powerful in the business world. True? You decide. This example provides some supporting evidence, being pretty, powerful, professional, and even playful.

Spiked and ash blonde color with long soft bangs adding the gentle touch to this punk style. Coupled with rather impressive earrings and necklaces with blue gems of various shades.

A woman these days is constantly busy, especially mother's and professionals (or super-moms doing both). This leaves less time to get ready each morning. With only two hands there's only so much one can do. It's important to get a functional hairstyle that is not only feminine and flattering but non-demanding too.

This multidimensional hairstyle is spectacular. Variety makes it amazing for any woman who's strong and brave enough to wear it. Innumerable opportunities for styling, you can tone down or tune up.

This soft mid-short hairstyle is perfect for adding extensions, clip-on extensions are easy to use and change the look completely.

A ruffled and textured pixie style on ash blonde hair. A versatile style that suits most hair types and an easy cut to style in different ways.

Soft Feminine and Feathery, this is a Truly Girlie Style but can be Worn in a Variety of Different ways to Give it an Edge. The Pro-pomp. Spiked Ash Blonde Short Hairstyle with Longer Bangs. 50/50 i.e. The 50% Bob 50% Pixie. Ruffled Pixie Style with Spiked Bangs or a Fringe. Soft Medium Length Feminine Short Haircut. Versatile Pixie Style, Ruffled Pixie Style in Blonde.

Champagne Colored Style with Swiped Bangs.

Ruffled yet light and stylish, the cut tresses are ruffled in several directions. The overall look appears windswept, achieved by blow-drying and hand sweeping in various directions. Soft, feminine and reminiscent of Katie Holmes' style a few years back. Girly by virtue of the soft carefree appeal it presents. Different lengths; back is longish, sides are longer, bangs are short and the cuts get closer moving towards the crown. Wispy tips add movement and texture. Great with any color or face shape and so easy to style.

Elements of Pompadour, Professional and the Ultimate for any Member of the Business World.

Pretty, powerful, professional, and playful? Pretty because it's styled off the face emphasizing the eyes, cheekbones, and beautiful smile. Powerful for similar reasons; showing the face and not having anything to hide behind it demonstrates confidence (what's more powerful than that?) Professional because it's clean and kept, not all over the place, not out of control. Playful, imagine this pompadour with a little extra teasing, some dangly earrings, jeans and a band tee. See what we're saying?

Looks a bit Aggressive but Tone it Down if Required.

Attain this ferocity by straightening your locks and chopping into layers. Appy a platinum or ash blonde color to make it stand out further. Finish by blow drying and making a rough side parting, flicking the ends will also add more personality. Ash blonde tresses already bring with them a different look and personality, adding bangs and spikes can only make it more interesting.


Take this model, for instance, her locks are ash blonde and cut quite close, styled with spikes on the tips and a long fringe on one side. The combination of color and cut creates lightness and volume. A bold color choice but this design would also go well with darker tones. Face shapes that suit this cut are narrower like heart, square or long.

A Flattering Short Style for the Busy Everyday Woman.

Perfect for the busy lady. Quick to wash and dry and easy to style with a touch of product. Not only a time saver but a money saver too with the amount of product used. The swept bangs are perfect for individuals with round faces. The framing feature on one side serves to slim the face whereas the part of the forehead that's exposed adds length.

Halle Berry is Often Seen Sporting Something Similar.

This close ruffled pixie style with spiked bangs is often associated with the phenomenal Hollywood actress, Halle Berry. Particularly close cut all round and with varying thin and jagged snips. This pixie is the easiest to style with its texture and quality of a ruffled look.


This design's intended to look messy and sexy. The ruffled pixie is ideal for women who are always on the go since it takes very little time and effort to take care of. It's two steps: wash and wear. Cut in various length layers, air-dried and ruffled. Adding light make-up can make you appear more feminine and even if the locks were a touch ruffled, they're still presentable and stylish.

This Soft Medium Length Style is Suitable for Women who are Looking for a Youthful Update.

The overall cut is close with a few pieces kept long, it has volume, movement and a spiky texture with the wisps at the ends and jagged edges, the top has ample volume and height. Air dry with no additional styling products. The face looks brighter and lighter with this cut and color, one advantage to this short haircut is that it would fit any face shape and work in any shade.

Swirly Textured Short Haircut.

A soft and feathery looking short hairstyle, attainable even if your locks are close-cut. Apply styling cream and using your hands, ruffle and pull to points leaving almost cowlicked sections.


Volumizing products (mousse or spray) would give more body to avoid limpness and dullness that the styling product is likely to cause. One way of styling this versatile hairstyle, on other days, sleek it down for a classic Twiggy pixie or spike it up with gel.