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Her hair is wavy, which makes the bangs look super expressive while the rest lies straight across the nape. What's nice about a haircut like this is that you can wear it a couple of different ways.

'Paris, j'amour!' We haven't had to take French since ninth grade but this drips French style. Beautiful and rather playful, it's on the longer side, growing passed the ears. Feather the bangs to add a touch of oomph.

So bold we recommend it's only worn with the most off-the-wall fashion sense. By shaving one or both sides and keeping a shock on top you're making your intentions clear.

The helmet was once the bomb. There have been several names for its various different guises. The bowl and the mushroom were popular throughout much of the Sixties, Seventies, and early Eighties.

Talk about chic! This style can go from plain to bold in a matter of seconds and a couple of curls. It's noteworthy that the fringe is are far more prominent than the pinned back sides.

Edgy platinum blonde with a boyish cut on hair that's a little longer styled to a neat side parting with spikes giving width and height. Get yourself the Billy Idol or Wendy James look straight out of the Eighties.

Requires daily maintenance to ensure the longer fringe sections retaining their shape. Short hairstyles are often low maintenance but here the bangs are quite long so more time needs investing.

The Red Color. Parisian Chic. Undercut. Helmet Cut. Elaborate Curls. Platinum Spiky Blonde. Soft, Feminine Swept Bob.

Timeless Versatility!

Switch the bangs from side to side or wear back with some mousse. This style would look particularly good on older women. Generally, as we get older, we no longer feel the need to invest hours and hours on hair maintenance. It gets brittle, goes gray, and feels the static of many seasons. If you're aging and looking for a shortcut, nothing to be ashamed of! This would be a worthwhile style choice.

Chic and Continental.

A chic style that allows planning of your wardrobe any way you see fit. The type of haircut you can wake up and have, no need to overwork it. Thus, you can accessorize any way you'd like. In the picture shown, the model's wearing beautiful big earrings. Makeup makes her face delicate and flawless. Choose if you're not asking the world to stare but notice. Less about attention and being unique and more about fitting into what you already have. Wear with sunglasses and unsubtle clothing for best effect.

Clipped Sides and Swept.

Pushed to the side and combined with very in-your-face makeup, which fits the shock value. It's the kind of haircut that you can wear without makeup. Since it's very boyish, as a lot of men wear shaved fashions, to wear it without makeup is fitting. However, you could either offset that with seasonal trending clothing, or you could embrace it by hiding your curves and wearing more masculine attire. Do note that all the while, you can keep it looking fashionable. Looking boyish does not mean looking like a man. Try wearing this haircut up and out of your face, or forward and more in front of your eyes.

Like Most Trends the Helmet's Making a Comeback but More Sophisticated.

This time the helmet crosses over to short bob. Cut the locks chin length and the fringe straight at the eyebrows. This incarnation is less stiff than its predecessors and isn't limited to sleek anymore. Pull the matching bangs forward and frame the cheekbones and eyes. Full bangs on jaw-length locks need not be dull or dreary, they can be artistic and glamorous. Comb neatly, gather some locks from the left or top right side and bring them over to attain a ruffled look.

Curls Set in an Elaborate Design.

The main area of interest is the front, use many ways to make a certain style. Wear it up, wear down, or allow to fall to it's natural position. Like the picture shown, make a couple of curls at the ends and stick in place with styling product. With such a unique look, they decided on interesting makeup. Extreme bold purple lies underneath instead of on top of her eyelids. Yellows, bronzes, and golds work for the rest of her palette, adding to the platinum blonde hair and contouring her face.

Retro Reminiscent of Wendy James or Billy Idol.

Messed up doesn't always mean ugly, certain styles are intentionally made to appear windswept, jump out the box in styling terms. Part uneven chopped layers to one side and finish by pushing them up to seem windswept.


Nothing says rocker chick more than a loud color with wild spikes, this platinum blonde screams that with many spikes. The basic cut includes long strands at the back, tapered short at the sides and long again at the tops. The length differences lend interesting contrasts in texture and volume. The platinum blonde gives the short hairstyle enough lightness while the spikes make it stand out with edginess.

Don't Limit the Classic Bob.

This model is sporting a soft feminine update to the bob design while keeping the back manageable with a crop. The top and sides look extra voluminous with natural soft and tousled tresses. Extra chic and feminine with strands falling to the sides, framing the face and creating a daintier appearance. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads could rock this and it would match any face shape or skin color.


Work away from boring chin-length tresses to girly and bubbly hairstyles. Fluffed to achieve volume the tresses are also side parted. Tucking your locks behind your ears will result in a loss of the volume that you've created.