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The shape and shortness are very European. Reminiscent of the main character in the film Amelie. However, the bangs are adorable and mismatched, they're meant to be side swept, with light featheriness and asymmetry to boot. The stylist could have happened to match the short haircut idea, but where would the fun be in that? Bangs like this are very pretty.

Sweet isn't enough for some, they want feisty too, how better to rock it than sporting a spiked pixie? This style makes you stand out from the crowd and dumps a load of confidence on you because you look chic with the striking fringe and textured ends. This is a rugged texture and uniform through the cut so the overall look seems blended and not clumpy. A very interesting addition and the spikes add dimension and a dash of fun.

This oozes elegance, an elegance that brings out the dignity in one's personality. A businesslike appearance accompanies an aura of sophistication. Such people are seen as leaders because this neat appearance brings an authoritative look. An authority that demands a perfect finish to any task. With such authoritative and powerful traits portrayed, the touch of femininity to a lady is not lost. If carried with grace and poise then this look can highlight a woman's features in a beautiful way making her look exquisite.

Funky! This word best describes the haircut shown, very modern and urban. Nowadays, short and spiky is very popular among women but this particular look works best on teenagers. Though a spiky style can be very feminine, this style gives a rough finish, it gives a very wild touch. A free spirited girl determined to achieve all success but on her own terms can carry off this example. The messy look can be very alluring and shows sheer independent confidence.

Looking at this picture the word that comes to mind is sexy. This hairstyle brings a rough edge to one's personality but not over the top. Enough to bring a touch of soft elegance. Quite modern, trendy and bold. The person showcasing this will be independent, confident, strong-minded and determined. The rough touch shows an attitude to go against the general trends and create a position of your own, such a person may intimidate people.

Gone are the days when a long, cascading mane was the style of choice. It's time for bold and short hairstyles to be in the limelight. This one's very fashionable, it brings out an attitude in your personality. Although this style looks a bit messy, a love for perfection is clearly shown. Modern styles give confidence, independence, and success. Especially good for working in the fashion industry, as it is a perfect combination of modern and traditional feminine grace. Even though this razor sharp look gives a rough edge, the softness of a woman's features isn't lost.

Today's world only recognizes the winners, to make yourself noticeable you need a radiant personality. This hairstyle gives the required radiance, it shows a will to fight all obstacles and achieve the goal. This shows sheer ambition, ambitions that will make you power through any situation and still come out as a winner. For such a will you need confidence and strong-mindedness, with these traits such people are capable of getting the desired attention in each and every field. It also shows a love for neatness, jobs done in a timely manner.

Short Haircut Ideas. Spiky Pixie. Blonde Undercut. Messy. Long Bangs. More Long Bangs. Last One.

Short Haircut Ideas

This short haircut is a combination of two things: blunt hair and messy bangs. It's a unique idea because usually, this would be the other way around. Your normative hipster look has blunt bangs and over styled wacky hair. They're easy to maintain, and you can even cut them yourself. The hair will generally do as it's told, mind you're curly it might be hard to deal with. An intriguing look, sitting somewhere between normal and unique. We've seen everything about the style before, however, they switched them around for a style we don't usually see it, and combine bangs and hair in a way you don't usually see. Almost anyone could pull off this cute bold style.

A Bit of a Wet Look.

Start styling as you get out of the shower while your hair is still wet. Position or comb with your fingers, taking as much advantage of the wetness as possible. For the fringes, get them to the front as you pull and brush to a side. This would allow time to set into the right position. Place the hair around your temples forward, and smoothen the rest by combing and laying it flat towards the nape. These steps would take care of the basic form and arrangement. Once it's done, you can either blow or air-dry.


Wait till your hair is completely dry and work a dollop of mousse or pomade into the edges and tips of your hair and also spike up the crown area with your fingers as you apply a nourishing hair wax best suited for your hair type. This will polish the entire look, ensuring the look both stays and stuns.

Colors and an Edge.

The very look of this hairstyle screams EDGY!!! So women with harder angled or squared faces would do best to stay away. There's no ceiling on the shade that can carry this off; this style would look great whatever your hair color. Also, you don't need to have very thick hair; medium thick hair which is wavy can carry this style. In case it's too straight, make sure you wave it up a bit. Else, you'll be stuck with hair which seems to lie flat. Perfect for parties and outings with friends. Almost a rose between this thorn and this thorn.

Clipped at the Sides and Swept to one Side.

Shaggy and pushed to one side. Combined with very in-your-face makeup, which fits with the shock value. You could also wear it more in front of your face. It is the kind of haircut that you can wear without makeup. Since it's very boyish, as a lot of men are wearing their hair shaved this season. Wear it without makeup is wanting to go for a more boyish look. However, you could either offset that with seasonal trending clothing or embrace by hiding your curves and wearing more masculine attire.

Neat and non-messy is easy to achieve, all you need is smooth damp hair. Dry the damp hair with continuous brushing with your fingers, then using a comb, styled in the desired manner. The application of hairspray can also be beneficial. The fact of not being time-consuming makes this hairstyle very popular among professionals who get no time for long salon sessions. In such a short time and easy procedure, a trendy and neat hairstyle is achieved which can blend in any situation but will still stand out to make a mark for itself. Defining the sharp features of a person's face is impossible to ignore and paves a path to get the desired focus and importance in a crowd of many.

Suits an oval face.

An oval face is a perfect shape on which almost all hairstyles look good but this haircut flaunts the oval face in a more alluring way. Suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions, be it a business meeting or a dinner with your close circle of friends. With this style you are going to look perfect but be sure to keep it simple, no gaudy make-up or accessories will do justice. A touch of blush on your cheeks and dark mascara highlighting your eyes can make you look heavenly beautiful. Simple diamond studs and a beautiful, carved pendant are enough to add more elegance to your look. With a little confidence, you are ready to win the world! While this one is more out there than the last one, the next one takes the biscuit.

Achieve this Fluffy and Incredible Look in a Few Simple Steps.

Cut to taper around the ears with full and thick hair on top. Blow dry clean damp hair with continuous brushing with your fingers. The long strands on top are side combed. These side swept bangs cover the forehead, giving a dense look in front. This adds tons of volume and the razored ends play up the edgy texture. Apply light hairspray to maintain the texture for a longer period. Streaks of color make this look even more alluring. This haircut often looks good on people with heart shaped faces.

Thick Hair with Minimal to no Wave is Ideal.

Suitable for any informal occasion. The trendy look it gives makes you very eye catching. It can make you the center of attraction in any surroundings. This can become more appealing by adding lots of colors. Accessories are a necessity, funky bangles and a trendy neckpiece can do magic. Gaudy make-up is not necessary, but something a little more than simple will enhance your beauty. Dark mascara highlighting the eyes will be admirable. With the right kind of attitude, this haircut can make you look very stylish and make people think "She's gorgeous!" This one, the next one and the previous one have similarities but the styling is different.

Not difficult to create, all you need is good quality, healthy hair. Start with a short pixie then allow it to grow a bit. Asymmetry brings texture and also gives a refreshing vibe. The sides are of unequal length too and continue in a head hugging angle all the way to the deep nape. Fingers brush the bangs to the side and to bring a roughness to the overall look. Drying the hair need not be perfect as we need a messy look. After the hair dries, use various styling products to pinch the ends of bangs and sideburns to create a pointed look. The top has a rougher appearance to create shape bringing more volume.

Suitable for formal as well as casual occasions, with the correct wardrobe and accessories you can wear it almost everywhere. Slight makeup will be perfect, lip gloss, blush, and deep mascara will be enough. This hairstyle will suit people with long foreheads as the side bangs cover the forehead to a large extent. Heart-shaped faces will flaunt this in a beautiful way. Stud earrings will make you look even more gorgeous. With these tips in mind and a bit of confidence, you are ready to go and become a heartthrob! The last one in the sixteen galleries is next.

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With such a strong personality they also symbolize success. With all that said, it is quite obvious that this is perfect for women of today as it reflects the perfect combination of womanly love and their global success. This gorgeous and attractive look is easy to create, cut the hair very short and given a rough, asymmetric texture. It's necessary for the quality of hair to be good because even this short the volume should be high.

During drying, brush through using the fingers. When dry, use styling products to give proper definition and hold. A formal look, in any kind of business conferences or deals, this style will make you look very professional. At the same time, it will bring out your softer side. Highlighting the eyes is desirable, so use a lot of eyeshadow and mascara, eye lenses are also an option. Other than that, light makeup is preferable, stud earrings and small pendant will be perfect. So here is a look that will give you the desired dignified appearance for your journey to success. To be certain you could look through these again.