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Ideal for a mature woman, a longer bob hairstyle for straight locks. Create it super sexy or tied using barrettes for a day under the corporate spotlight. Long lateral bangs add an element of mystery and sexiness. Pink blush lip-gloss and minimal, neutral make-up supply a youthful edge to a versatile example.

An easy example which is soft and sexy. Simple care pixie, ideal for a longer face. The fringe is perfect at hiding a longer forehead which you could accentuate by employing the proper accessories and makeup. As she peers seductively through her fringe, the color of her sullen pout compliments the stressed rose dress.

Sophistication is the word, it's mid-length providing the illusion of being shorter by virtue of layering. Simply eliminate the part and let the strands fall naturally.

Soft, demure and sexy in a nutshell. Soft side swept bangs and a touch of volume, and longer at the back. Throw in accessories and makeup and be party ready in a mere instance.

There's one myth surrounding the pixie cut we positively need to abolish; trimmed equals masculine. Rocking the masculine poise is acceptable but not everyone aspires to it. Some only suit feminine. It's important to be aware of averything you excel at.

For a racy, sexy and spiky hairstyle, go no further. Its jagged cut allows teasing by utilizing hairspray and gel to ruffle and add texture and volume. Perfect for a party, you can easily tone it down while wet.

Ultimate low maintenance. Simple, neat, slick, and needs very little time or effort to build. Whether ready for work or a night on the town, the proper accessories and makeup will make a shape ideal in record time.

Longish, Mature Bob. Longish Pixie Style, Extra Long Fringe. Sophisticated Dark, Feathered Medium Length Style. Soft blonde style sporting side swept bangs and a hint of color. It is Easy to Make a Boyish Cut Look Girly. Short Spiky and Messy Pixie Style with Streaks. Simple and slick hairstyle, little work required.

Nice and simple.

A longer bob suits the mature women of today and performs best on straight tresses. Despite looking neat and clean, it exudes sexiness and could be pinned up or accessorized. A classic bob enhanced by side-swept bangs is perfect for ladies of a certain age. Includes the classic quality of most shorter bobs, it's the style recommended for mature women seeking to update their appearance


The shortness of the cut at the nape and around the sides makes this number fresh and youthful but it's the side parting, sleek side swept fringe and volume at the crown where the sophistication is prevalent. Straight is best but it works for all colors and frames the face and emphasizes the jawline and cheekbones. Women in their late thirties, forties, fifties and beyond find something to stamp their individuality on.

Slight spikes.

Pixies are simple to cherish. Exude a fiery and wild demeanor, be creative and adventurous. A longer pixie displaying an extra long fringe is fun, brash and a dash of wild. For the daring woman to express creative passion and a bold adventurous side.


An example if in full glory could tend on the rather shocking side for work, tone it down to cause less of a kerfuffle. The brashness stems from the spiky texture produced by thin slices at the ends and shorter cuts at the top. The coloration is wonderful, the addition of a splash of confidence creates something to sample at least once a lifetime.

Layered Dark Cut.

Simplicity works best by combining sophistication. A particular hairstyle sporting chopped locks and lets them settle back as natural as possible. Layering gives the illusion of shorter length, the beauty of medium length tresses comes from versatility.


Dark and light brown tones offer an air of sophistication. A great update for the grown-out pixie cut. There's enough wispiness in the fringe and razor-cut strands on the flanks and back giving texture and body. With styling product, these locks can transform to a messier and sexier version of a similar sleeker more chic one.

Blonde Enhanced by a Tinge of Purple.

Gorgeous and breathtaking, sexy and demure in one! The lateral swept fringe, height, and longer chops at the back are responsible for all that magic. Makeup and some accessories make you ready for anything in one snap. Gorgeous because of the soft bangs at the front, the wispy strands near the ears, the length at the nape and the fullness at the crown.


Ensure your whole body compliments a short hairstyle. There's no sense opting for extravagance if you aren't going to dress accordingly. Craft your own genre, make something completely unique. Don't blindly follow the pack!

Blonde Side Swept Bangs.

A super-fashionable ear-length suggestion retaining femininity. Acquire the right characteristic! Not long, but not boyish, either. The shape, particularly of the bangs, accentuates the model's more girlish features, her big eyes and firm lips, for instance. Study and become an expert on any quirks and idiosyncrases. It's natural for some girls. One look in the mirror tells them which features should stand out. We can't all be so lucky, give our makeover tool a try for extra reassurance.


Part of a stylists job to assist in the quest for your best option, they should always be willing to help. Always garner their opinion especially if they know your hair. Any unwillingness or inability to help must tell you something.

Simple and Shaggy.

Shaggy, ear length hair, a nice summer look, happy and fun. The cute fringe sits over the face, but not enough to cover her eyes. An example retaining the ability to work on any hair type. Curly? A super cute idea is perfect! Hair straight? Even easier. Color? Walk in the park.


It's hard to imagine a single person who couldn't pull off something that displays such adaptability, so it's ideal for the nervous first timer. Particularly found being rocked by several celebrities. Ellen DeGeneres comes to mind. A couple years back, she wore an almost identical cut, and complimented her playful blue eyes and gleeful smile and went well with her bubbly personality.

Almost Speckled by Highlights.

Are you feeling racy and sexy at the same time? Then any spiked pixie is perfect. A popular design because it gives out a distinctive carefree and cool attitude while being sexy and messy. The spiky messy pixie is reminiscent of popular musical artists such as Pink, Mary J. Blige, and Miley Cyrus. Ladies who can afford to go crazy on their mane should really go ahead and try it. Almost super short all around and the tips appear uneven and jagged. Create a spiky texture by applying styling product at the tips any twisting to set. No need to tease tresses at the crown area because it already has lift and character from the spikes.

Very Neat and Tidy Short Haircut.

Barely have time to fix your locks at any time of day? A slick crop answers many dilemmas. Leaving well alone to be messy could even bring out an edgy and sexy appearance. Busy women are always looking for methods to streamline their days. Acquring a cut requiring very little work is like slashing a chunk of prep time in the morning.


A simple and slick design is a great suggestion, short layers all round and the bangs are the same length yet thinned out. The last photograph in the gallery, try the following one or start over.