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Wonderful, elegant haircut builds volume and breathes life and height to the roots. Painless to put together and upkeep, whatever your hair type you'll have marvelous fun with different accessories.

Do you have thick and impulsive locks which make you look untidy no matter what you do? This will save you from those kinds of troubles!

Do you remember the movie "City of Angels"? This is so similar to Meg Ryan's in that film. Exquisite and beautiful and draws attention to the face, especially gorgeous on women with rounder faces. We love short and curly styles, especially because they're unique. This is a cross between a pixie cut and a super short bob. What's so powerful about short hair is that it demonstrates confidence, and what's hotter than confidence? This is perfect if you have natural, curly hair, even if your hair is straight or wavy, it's a delight.

The pixie haircut is edgy and classic. The cut's popularity grew in the 1950's with Audrey Hepburn's role in Roman Holiday where she wore a short, wavy and tousled pixie cut and it has in the public consciousness ever since. In the sixties, world famous model Twiggy also made the pixie her signature style, the seventies and eighties saw superstar women like Liza Minnelli, Linda Evangelista and even Madonna rocking various forms of the cropped cut. Even in today's Hollywood, mega stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway have all, at some point, dared to chop their hair in favor of the short style.

You can do this with most styles at around this length, use enough gel and curl each section over a curling iron. As for the base cut; a softer, round bob is very flattering for women who have a more oval or longer face shape but is pretty universal. The cut itself is made with a horizontal graduation in fine sections and has a razor cut edge which allows the bottom to fall onto the hairline. The texture with this cut allows for a lot of versatility and fluid movement. It works best on fine or medium texture, though curly girls can often get a wilder feel.

The volume gives this classic a new lease of life, a bouncy cut that works particularly well with thicker hair. Styled using extra volume and height, can be perfect for a special occasion. Ideal for long faces or more mature ladies but not exclusively.

The banged bob haircut has been a staple of any age group for around a century. A huge hit in the roaring twenties for many flappers and is still popular today. The cut itself is blunt, with graduated layers cut into smaller sections to keep everything clean and symmetrical, which then provides volume and frames the face. The bob can be flattering for all face shapes if you pay attention to balance and proportion. For example, women with round faces should stay away from very wide or U-shaped bangs. Inward layering toward the ends helps thicker hair not be so mutinous and also provides a nice, subtle guide shape for finer or thinner hair.

Flecks of Blonde. Perfect Style to Combat Thick and Unruly Hair. Big Showy Curls all in One Direction. Blonde Pixie Cut that could be Straight out of the Sixties. Trendy short cut, messy with vague side parting. Bouncy Pixie Style with Maximum Height and Volume. A Totally Classic Bob in a Shiny Dark Color.

Highlights and Volume.

Features an elegant crop that adds volume. Heavy chopping at the back but gets longer towards the front. Adding extra volume with mousse or spray could make it more elegant. This elegant short design has the semblance of Edie Sedgwick's trademark blonde crop or a grown-out version of Ginnifer Goodwin's favorite.


The parting toward the right creates volume with the wispy fringe. Achieve the height either with a little teasing near the roots or with the use of a volumizing styling product (mousse, spray or wax). Once this posh look is set, it could last an entire day with little to no touch-ups necessary. Number 9 has technical similarities but styling differs.

Enforce Order

This will save you from the kinds of troubles that accompany rebellious locks! Why fight it? Nail it in place with gel.


Perfect for problematic tresses, it screams rocker chic but not over the top. Cut short and using styling products, the hair's brushed upwards to create height and volume. Nobody will tell that your tresses are a nightmare to deal with. To follow is another example of the effect of styling products but in a whole different way.

A Flawless Choice for Work or a Night Out.

The versatility makes this a great option for the girl on the go. With natural curls, it'll be far simpler. Start with clean dry hair, brush it out using a brush with flexible bristles. Start at the tips, and work your way up. Mist on a heat-protectant spray, then section off from the bottom. Using a round curling iron start curling at the root first, and don't clamp down hard, be gentle. Do this to each section, curling in different directions. Once you're done, let it cool and add some serum.


With straight hair, the process won't be much different. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give you texture, add mousse. Blow-dry while trying to enhance the body, while you dry the roots and back flip your head upside down. Once dry, section off large pieces and use a medium curling iron on each section. Make sure the section heats through, and repeat until you're complete. Once you've curled entire head use a strong hairspray to keep the curls in place.

Sixties Retro Blonde Pixie.

A pixie is a great all-rounder. The back and sides are often shorter than the crown and bangs. There are many varieties and derivatives of the cut and even more ways to style, it's anything but typical. Options for styling can be as simple as a wash and go. The fact that this one can look great without requiring a lot of maintenance is a huge draw. Spraying a little bit of texturing spray, a multi-use product for many different styles on dry hair and running your fingers through can give added dimension and shine without taking too much time.


Achieve more drama by spraying the roots with volumizing or root boosting products and then either lifting with your fingers while drying or drying upside down. Either option will give maximum volume to your short tresses. There are less severe styles achieved by using a small amount of wax or pomade. Finish off with a curling iron or wand to achieve more choppy but playful waves and slight curls. Be careful when using pomades and waxes, however; a little bit can go a long way and overdoing it can make your hair greasy and spiky looking. The pixie is great for straight hair but awesome with curls, as actress Keri Russell proved.


Many who try a pixie cut have said that it's a very scary but liberating feeling. Cutting off the security blanket of long locks for a neck-baring style that you can't hide behind. Whether it's your signature style or something you've always wanted to try, there's one thing for certain: The pixie cut is an iconic hairstyle that has remained popular for over half a century!

Tousled Dark Burgundy.

The top layers are the longest and it's often much shorter underneath with the sides cut to a diagonal line which accentuates cheekbones and opens up the jaw line. A trendy brown haircut with a hint of red/purple styled with a messy feel, sport this on many different occasions with the addition of a nice selection of hair jewelry, bands or even a small neck scarf similar to the one exhibited by the model.


Messy yet playful since it has soft spikes scattered everywhere. Enhance short locks with clips, stylish bands or sparkly accessories for different events. This messy style has enough of a playful vibe for clubbing or partying, the tresses are short at the sides and crown and there are some long strands at the back. The top has some waves and soft spikes that give it funk. For a more formal occasion like prom, wedding or corporate party, comb through to make it a little sleeker or fluffed up and given volume but kept tidy.

A Conservative Look with a Sparkle in its Eye.

Bouncy pixie crop is a must have with a thicker mane. Bouncy crops add volume and give a classic and elegant look. As you can see in this photo, the sides and forehead are wispy because of the razor crop so it can lengthen the appearance of your face, which in effect also emphasizes the softness of your jaw line. Michelle Williams has been tagged the queen of the pixie look. She has made this look her own to the extent that it's almost eponymous.


The bouncy pixie style as shown in this photo is similar to some of Michelle's best pixies. The bounce comes from the razor-cut wispiness at the sides and forehead. The texture and volume come from the highlights and uneven cuts on top. Despite being stylish this is still simple and easy. Other celebrities who have sported this style include Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Agyness Deyn.

A Classic Dark Shiny Bob.

What continues to draw women to this style is that it can be as low maintenance as you want! Washing and wearing aren't difficult and you can accentuate this more simple hair care routine with a lot of simple and quick accessories like headbands and barrettes. The playful and softer half-up styles are popular. With this basic style, pin half up or pull back with the bottom half left down. With the bob, this usually entails the help of some strategically placed bobby pins. Combine the two methods achieving a messy half bun by pulling back the larger section into a little loop. Finish with an elastic and then pinning the shorter sides up for a messy finish.


Go a little more daring by combing all your bangs back and spray using a high hold hairspray. This achieves a faux bouffant, use a straight iron on the sides creating a sleek look that accentuates the cheekbones. The bob, if left alone with minimal product and a little bit of volume from a large curling iron, has been a classic for many years. You can achieve this look with high shine and minimal effort by straightening the hair and curling the ends inward. Apply shine-enhancing finishing spray and enjoy a look that can be either playful or professional. Celebrities to wear a bob hairstyle with bold bangs have ranged from Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman to Kelly Osborne's lavender colored cut and style or actress Anna Faris' bold platinum bob.