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An asymmetrical, inverted and pointed bob all at the same time. For shorter versions, you can stack the layers the back or cut at such a severe angle that the ends actually create the shape. This cut works best on straight hair like Hollywood actress Marion Cotillard's. Women with curly hair or with more texture can also wear this sleek style as world famous singers Beyonce and Rihanna have both shown. All you need is a little help from some styling tools!

Dainty flattened bangs swept to one side and stuck in place with styling product, a clip would work too. Curly or wavy girls will have a slight advantage but nothing a styling tool won't sort out.

Variations of the bob have been popular for many years and among women of all ages or walks of life. The layered fringe bob with a longer, more wispy side bang is flattering to any face it frames. The longer length of the bangs gives you a little more versatility. Bring down and give a sultry frame or sweep off your forehead in romantic curls and waves, creates ample volume from the cut.

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna wear this popular look. Bob haircuts are chic and fun to wear. Dramatic or plain and simple and everything between. The main concern among stylists and clients is usually the variant. Wavy, curled, reversed, with sharp or blunt edges. Sometimes called the concave bob and has variations in the form of the reverse and angled variety. A-Line is a class within the confusing bob naming extravaganza there are many variations and crossovers. We go into it in more depth here. This example has a little bevel and may end up with sharp point end or blunt bob edge.

We've all got to contemplate this once in our lives. It's not for everyone but variety is the spice of life etc. Be careful making any sudden movements, you might take someone's eye out.

Lucky enough to have an oval face shape? In terms of hairstyles, the oval face shape is the ideal, pretty much anything goes. It's not an exact science but about a third of us have vaguely oval faces.

Thick hair can force your hand when it comes to style choice. While some of us spend hours trying to pump some volume into our locks others get ruled by it. Work with your natural volume not against it.

Red Bob. Side Parted. Bob with Waves. A-line Bob with Layers. Big Curls. Professional Cut. Cheeky Look.

Several Types of Bob all at Once.

Maintain the cut itself every six to seven weeks to keep the layers clean and even. The best tools are a good blow dryer with ceramic or ion technology as well as multiple heat settings. Flat, round and oval hair brushes and blow dry lotion to add shine and protect from heat damage. Invest in a good straightening iron with ceramic plates to help even distribution of heat and promote shine. A curling iron will also be necessary for styles with loose, softer waves. Before drying, use volumizing or texturizing spray on the roots of your damp, towel dried hair. Blow dry by lifting from the roots for added volume.


A larger round brush will come in handy for the back layers which are shorter than the front. For the most part, this will be enough to achieve the look you want but for added shine or to make it pin straight, you'll want to employ the use of a larger curling iron or a flat iron with curved edges so you can add a little bit of volume as you straighten. If pin straight isn't what you're going for, try using a curling wand for loose, romantic waves and curls with some dry texture spray to add dimension.


Graduated layers distribute the weight of even the thickest hair and add natural movement. Using texturing combs toward the ends will promote a great, styled shape without the need for much else. The A-line bob is also flattering if you decide to grow it out and you can pull it back or pin it up to keep it out of your face.

Parted with a hint of red.

This example has softness and sleekness, the interplay of length at the back, combed soft curls near the front create chic and modern touches. Volume and height are in enough amounts to make this wearable. Volume is concentrated at the back so this could work for older women and any thinning will be less noticeable.

Wavy Bob that's pulled off the face.

Simultaneously fun and elegant a great alternative if you're growing out shorter, layered styles. You can achieve more volume without having to try too hard by adding a root lifter at the crown while your hair is still damp and blow dry with a round brush. Since the ends are more fringy than blunt, invest in a smoothing serum like Frizz Ease or a lightweight pomade. For added definition, use a texturizing spray like Garnier's Deconstructed Beach Spray for light texture and more manageable hold.


A one-inch curling iron will create a head full of bouncy curls giving shape and bounce. Another fun style is the front braid or twist. This quick, partial updo is great for a number of occasions from office days to a sassy look for evenings out. Secure the braid or twist with a few bobby pins behind your ears, layer a few curls or waves over them so they're hidden and finish with a light finishing spray.

Natural Curls and Waves.

For women with natural curls, styling has never been easier! A modest amount of a lightweight mousse like Bed Head's Foxy Curls or a lotion like Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls on damp hair and dried with a diffuser on a low setting is sure to create dramatic volume to your high def curls without the dreaded "helmet head" because the ends are wispy instead of cut to a hard line.


Nicola Roberts, Katherine McPhee, and Joan Rivers have all proven that this is chic and stylish as you want. A sudden, contrasting pop of color by way of vibrant highlight or lowlight can give even the most sophisticated woman the appearance of a daring, more edgy side.

Choppy, Layered A-line Bob.

Wash or wet your hair, this makes it easier to manage and trim. You'll need a sprayer, fine-toothed combs, scissors, and clips. Divide into the following sections: right side, Left side, top crown, right crown, left crown, left nape, and then right nape. Clips will keep the sections distinct while you work. Let down the front sections, the ones in front of your ears, dry as desired. Move to the nape section.

There's A-line and then There's A-line.

Take down each remaining sections one by one starting from the bottom. You can style A-Lines in numerous ways too. You can color it, be sure to focus on the front longer section then highlight the rest, add curls or arrange in layers.

Spiky Curls.

High hold wet-look gel is your best bet for this outlandish creation. Put a fair amount of gel in and slick back. Take small sections and shape as shown. Start at the back to avoid ruining the work as you go.

Try Some Shine Serum

To intensify shine, try using a lightweight shine serum. Shine enhancing pomades like ones in the John Frieda collection are cool but don't to overdo it. Too much pomade can weigh your hair down and end up creating separated sections as opposed to a more fluid movement.


For most working women, arriving at work on time and being very beautiful every single day is a must.

Others fall into the trap of looking bland and mundane with their fashion choices and simple tresses; just because they don't want to spend too much time styling. This design has length, body, texture and volume. The wispy bangs and varied ends make it interesting. Comb it down for a slick back look or add more volume, a tousled appearance is simple and acceptable for the workplace.


Time is money and this design is so easy, a time saver but is professional yet upbeat. The one after is similar but for thicker hair.

Graduated Bangs with Wispy Sides and Back.

Fun and feminine, a full crown with volume and the right height. The tapered sides with thin layers and the edges have a cool jagged texture. The bangs have uneven cuts which make it a little more fun and edgy. Complement this design with pretty pastel clips or braided bands for a cute, youthful and girly look. Sparkly jewelry will and accessories will glam it up for an elegant event while styling it with spikes and teased roots will give it some flair for concerts and nights out.

This One is For Thick or Coarse Hair.

For those who want to look feminine with a boyish chop, you can try this cute girly fashion thinned layer design with jagged ends. This has a cool jagged texture and is a little bit edgy so it can make you appear wild but cute. Adding accessories to this will make it perfect. The previous one is similar but for finer hair.