Pixie haircuts short hairstyles

Pixie haircuts short hairstyles

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Haircuts rather than tiny elfin woodland creatures. It’s thought the name originates from the portrayal of little people in popular culture; cropped hair and pointy ears behind wispy sections. Pixies play a huge role in short haircut world despite only being around for a brief period of time.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Extra Pixie Styles.

The generally accepted pioneer was Audrey Hepburn when she cut her chocolate colored locks for the film “Roman Holiday” although a modern version would have more shape. Quintessential pixies for women have extra-long bangs, shorter sides and back, and often wisps in front of the ears. Pixies for girls are generally a beautiful idea but only suit certain face shapes, see our face shape guide for extra details.

Many Varieties.

From pretty and sophisticated to smart and masculine the range of designs derived from a single base is impressive. The choppy and almost spiked crop to the side-swept, wispy, and shaggy designs and everything in between come from a single base cut.

A common concern surrounds the masculinity of the design. They can invite the impression of boyishness but you can take avoidance steps. Spikes and crops will push you towards the masculine end of the spectrum but side-swept, face-framing bangs and sections having softened edges are more feminine. Pins, clips, and other accessories also keep you on the softer side.

There’s something magical about this hairstyle, even the name makes you seem elusive and tough to control. A great cut for powerful ladies who refuse to be told, it incites thoughts of mischief and mayhem.


Most styles rise to popularity thanks to celebrities and style icons and this is no exception. The Fifties dipped its toe in with Audrey Hepburn but the rest of the world weren’t ready until the Sixties. Jean Seberg, Mia Farrow, and Twiggy sparked the revolution in the Sixties. While the Seventies and early Eighties succumbed to heavy volume and extremes in general, Madonna and Winona Ryder plus others instigated a resurgence in the Nineties.

Current Popularity.

Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, and Ginnifer Goodwin led the revival recently. They turned their backs on laborious shoulder-length tresses in favor of the freedom and versatility a spanking new pixie cut allows. Some designs will be tamer, while others are born to be wild. Find a pixie that matches a unique fashion sense and highlights your best facial features.

Dare to be Different.

Once a rarity, stars like Emma Watson, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus have all taken the pixie plunge. In Emma Watson’s case, the pixie feel seemed a reaction to playing long-haired Hermione and show off her empowered feminist side. For Beyoncé, it was a quick visit to pixie land but credit where credit’s due. Miley, well sometimes you go off the deep end and why not? The pixie vibe gives you a frame that highlights your face, allowing your personality to stand out and shine. The previous gallery was dedicated to various layered shortcuts and the next has some curls and a much wider variety.