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Impressive Collection of 100's of Extra Pictures in a Slideshow.


A Collection of 100's of bonus images in video format. Exhausted all the examples in the main gallery sections, the Blog articles, and makeover utility and still want more choices, ideas, and suggestions? Your wish is our command. Female beauty was considered directly proportional to hair length, but this is changing. Nowadays many women prefer shorter styles. Pixies, bobs, spikes etc are becoming the preference due to the perfect combination of style, comfort, and convenience. Check out our new Youtube Channel for another deluge.


Comfort's a priority for most working women today, under such stiff competition, spending hours in a salon isn't possible, so cropped hair's a boon. Easy styling and maintenance that makes you stylish and trendy. Shorter haircuts can make one elegant and glamorous for the majority of the time. They impart a touch of roughness to one's personality, the roughness required to survive in today's world. A clean look can imply strictness and firmness, traits that make you independent and self-sufficient.

Powerful, softness, and cuteness can coexist especially with short hair which is vastly more versatile so you can adapt to the occasion. Such benefits ensure the continued and increased popularity of this length. Everyone's appearance is different, so the ideal finished product changes per individual. The variation is huge, almost endless but there's a hairstyle for everyone.

Celebrities Wear it Shorter.

Short hair surges in popularity over time because celebrities come to realize the benefits it brings. Be it, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Hathaway or Carey Mulligan celebrities have made cropped haircuts desirable. The barrage of new styling products on the market allows these designs additional glamor. Gels, putties, and pastes facilitate extra texture and reserve the opportunity for innovative techniques.

Coloring a few strands can highlight the appearance and give a funky edge. Accessories surround the whole ensemble an extra dimension. When going funkier or spiky color can add to the finish, wearing a few colorful bangles, clips, or earrings can only help. Conversely, formal occasions require a muted approach, a tasteful clip above the ear or pinned-up bangs are both appropriate. The finished product is a combination of apparel, hairstyle, accessories and makeup, don't neglect one or the rest will suffer.