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French Twist for Short Hair.


Returned from a tiring day at the office and find an invitation card on your doorstep? To your ultimate horror you realize there's a party to attend in a few hours (not ultimate horror, you like parties). First thought? What to wear and how to do my hair? Unfortunately, there's no visiting your beautician or stylist because time's limited. You need elegant and graceful and retain a feminine edge to your overall appearance. So what can you do with chopped messy hair? People think there's not much to do with short hair and you can always fall back on the messy look. Don't worry, here's a simple and gorgeous look which takes mere minutes to build.


Wash your locks well and make sure it's not sticky or oily, dry while ruffling with your fingers. Your hair needs volume with a slight puffy quality. Divide and section in horizontal lines across the back, ruffle any bangs. The lower portion needs less volume. Make the tiniest ponytail possible with the lower portion. Use a couple of pins to fix this ponytail at the nape. Now for the upper half, make another tiny ponytail. Using a few clips join the two ponytails together. Use as many pins as required to make it stable. With the remaining bangs arrange in a small bubble quiff and fix with more bobby pins. Catch any wisps with spray on a comb handle and you're ready for anything.

It's easy to transform back to messy and rush off to a rock concert. Designed for a formal occasion. Attend a formal dance party to win everyone's attention. Wearing this with a beautiful, attractive gown and nobody will guess that you threw it together in a handful of minutes. Accessories should be minimal, pearl, emerald or diamond studs, and an unobtrusive pendant being plenty. Makeup should be light; highlighting the facial features. A touch of blush to the cheeks is appealing and seducing. Playing around with eye makeup will add color, even try color contacts. Dark mascara will beautify your eyes, a glossy lip color suiting your skin tone will add to the overall aura of your presence. Videos from Glamour Magazine go here.