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A Fistful of Buns.


Thought they were exclusive to longer tresses? The lively video hostess proves that preconception is incorrect, it'll show effective ways to produce buns for shorter hair, will work on longer tresses too. There's a limit to quite how short you can go and still be able to get your locks in a bunch, this is remedied by using extensions. There are three terrific, innovative, and amazing designs. Hope you like them.

First, a classic messy bun is the aim, usually whenever you attempt a messy bun, you have wispy bits coming out the back due to varying lengths. A useful tip; start from the middle of your ear and draw a line back, the line doesn't need to be perfect. Now take bulk from the crown and create a messy bun, pull more out to give a rougher finish. Gather any remainder at the back, braid upwards, pull, and tuck behind the bun, a fancy clip can cover stray ends.

Messy Braided Buns.

If you don't have enough length, try extensions that match your texture and color, use enough to provide the required extra length, no need to blend them. Divide in half and build a simple braid each side, start wrapping the braid backward and pin it. Repeat on the other side.

The third is an easier version of the braided messy chignon because there's no braid, only twists. Divide into halves again, take one part and start twisting, you'll notice that it'll start curling, once it does wrap the remaining part and tie with an elastic band. Repeat the other side.