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K-Pop Hairstyle with Pink Splodges.


Bored of regular styles? Want a remarkable and striking style that stands out of a crowd? Then this video definitely is especially for you, cool and will work in most situations, with a touch of modification perhaps. Inspired by K-Pop. K-Pop is from South Korea and stands for Korean Pop so you're likely to look unique anywhere else in the world. The backing track is by Rania, an all girl K-pop group singing their rendition of "Fantastic Baby". K-pop is a phenomenon that spread first to Japan, then the rest of the world and hit mainstream consciousness with "Gangnam Style" by Psy.

This instructional video will talk you through the best way to build it. All you need is a wide toothed comb, hairspray, wax, dryer, flat iron, instant color spray in pink color and heat protection spray. Wet or wash your hair, towel dry roughly, comb and cover in heat protection spray. Create a deep side parting and comb again. Blow dry, keeping everything as flat as possible. Take a flat iron and straighten only the sides. Now curl the entire front section and top as shown, the sides and the back are left straight.

Take some wax and run it through using your fingers, molding into shape. Put wax on the sides and back to flatten. Now take the instant color spray in pink and spray on a few sections and rub in because at times it may get clumpy. Hairspray to finish.