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Extending Short Locks.


Need a touch more length for a friends wedding or that long awaited prom night? Generally love longer tresses but don't have the time or inclination to throw at the upkeep required? Fancy the idea of extensions but don't want to appear artificial? There's nothing to worry about nowadays. In the past, wigs and extensions had the texture of astroturf and the color was the wrong shade of unnatural.

First tip; get maximum volume. There are many thickening shampoos on the market try one with Panthenol high up the ingredient listing. Avoid conditioning, or use the lightest conditioner possible, there are also thickening sprays and finishing lotions available for an extra boost. Then blow dry to make it ready for the extensions. Clip the extensions at the back, it's better to clip one directly above another as it blends much better. Make sure that the extension matches your hair in tone and color. For more information on these products see the original Youtube page here.

Layered Sections.

The second tip; make sure you layer separate extension sections. When you layer your extensions, this will help you blend because the top layers are shorter and will look better, especially when curled. Curl the ends to match the extensions so the transition from natural to artificial isn't perceptible.

The dividing point between existing and fake locks is infinitely more noticeable on straight hair because the transition is plain to see. Throwing curls into the equation blurs that line making the transition difficult to perceive. The tighter and more numerous the curls the stronger this effect. Try a three-quarter-inch curling iron to tighten curls. The acid test is if other people notice. Your friends and family will notice sudden extra hair but if complete strangers are unaware then chalk that up as a win.