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Giant Step from Below Shoulders to Pixie.


Courage to let go of the tresses you've taken loving care of for years? Battled wind, rain and other elements keeping beautiful despite all the factors working against you? Ready for a cool and trendy pixie cut? It's worth it, change is something that gets you going and what makes you the fashion icon of your circle. Pixies are the in thing and thus makes it a must try. In this video, you'll see a girl with long hair in a braid chopped down to a pixie cut. So brace yourself for the uber cool and super stylish look!

The majority of this task is performed with one foul swoop, the lopped off braided pony is approximately twelve inches long. This length is ideal to send to a charity that specializes in recycling for kids that need prosthetic hair pieces. After cutting the entire braid to an even level there's no going back. Now sit back and relax and let the stylist do their job, with your eyes clamped tight shut if you must. So there you are with a new look or to be more specific a complete makeover. Apart from fashionable and stylish, the other thing about pixie is that it is easy to care for and maintain. Thus, if your answer was no, this will help change your mind and accept the challenge. Hope you like it!