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Giant Step from Below Shoulders to Pixie.


Grasp the courage to emancipate yourself from the emotional clutches of the tresses you've spent loving care on for years. Battled wind, rain and other elements, keeping beautiful despite the factors working against you? Ready for a cool and trendy pixie? Change is something that motivates and could propel you to fashion icon status in your circle. Pixies are undergoing something of a renaissance recently, making them the ideal choice. This video features long braided hair chopped down to a pixie cut. So brace yourself for the emotional roller coaster that results in an uber cool and super stylish finish. Viva la revolution!

The majority of this task is performed with one foul swoop, the lopped off braided pony is approximately twelve inches long. This length is ideal to send to a charity that specializes in recycling for kids that need prosthetic hair pieces. After cutting the entire braid to an even level there's no going back. Recline and relax and allow the remainder of the process to wash over, eyes clamped tight shut if you must. You've passed through that particular emotional revolving door and you can't get back through for at least a couple of years so settle down and gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Don't succumb to the post-honeymoon blues after your complete makeover revel in it. Apart from fashionable and stylish, the other advantage of a pixie is it's easy to care for and maintain. Utilize your gift of time wisely. Carpe Diem, life's too short to waste wrestling lengthy tangled tresses.