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Fancy yourself sporting bleached blonde Locks? Heart yearning for this alluring summer blonde color? Want to bleach and maintain the color in the comfort of your own home without shelling out money hand over fist at the salons? Essential maintenance includes covering the tracks of your scalps annoying tendency to produce more hair in the incorrect color. You'll learn the ideal method of self-bleaching roots. Be careful when bleaching, it can cause damage and lead to dryness and if done wrong, hair can break or be irreparably damaged and could even end up needing to be grown out. Learn a step by step procedure helping you to achieve the perfection you covet.

Mix the ingredients in the bowl, combine one packet of powder with developer until a smooth paste is produced. Use a leave-in conditioner on the tips to moisturize, protect, and prevent the ends getting bleached multiple times. Wear gloves to prevent your fingers ending up covered in small white blisters. Apply the bleach mixture in a smooth unidirectional manner, without leaving gaps.

Apply Bleach.

Gently pull sections towards one side and apply bleach to the roots. Perform root bleaching in sections the approximate width as the length or the root color, each section is clipped back. This provides efficient use of bleach and prevents overlapping. Separate sections using the back of your brush continue to apply bleach at the roots until they're covered. After the allotted time, rinse through and get ready for the final finished product. For the finishing touch apply a deep conditioner, one that's heavier than your normal use would be ideal. After a few minutes, rinse or if you have quite dry or thick hair you could leave it on for longer to intensify the overall effect. You should then have your new sleek blonde look minus the dark roots.