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Styling Against the Grain.


Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa explains some drying techniques for very short locks that have a tendency to try to stick to growth patterns. Who knows, this might be the very thing that you need. He uses two products; 'Redken Satinwear' (imparts softness and shine) and 'Redken All Soft Argan Oil' (great for reducing frizziness and adding moisture). He says to blow dry when the hair remains quite wet. It's difficult to work when dry as the natural patterns and textures will come into play, assert their authority, and take over.

He uses a short cutting comb when drying as the wide and fine sides allow for different textures. The wide end allows for good direction and the fine applies tension. The back and forth movement using the wide side of the comb gives curves. Using the fine side, you create smoother wave pattern. Use the bridge of the comb to increase the tension and smooth the hair. As you comb the hair for an extended time, a nice shiny polish appears.

Use a hand to create the tension and move it in different directions. The stylist goes on to say that the most important thing about blow drying is to know where we want the hair to go to and blow dry in that particular direction. We need to think in a directional manner and keep in mind the actual growth pattern to create a great effect.