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50 Different Ways to Style Short Hair.


A collection of new photos that you won't find in the main galleries. This is our video, we have posted it on YouTube and other video sites. To create most styles here you'll need these tools and products: gel, pomade with a semi-matte finish, wide toothed comb, blow dryer, and a rouge brush. For the wet look, dampen your hair with water and smooth backward using a wide toothed comb. Repeat the same with a narrow toothed brush. Apply gel and slick backward with your fingers in even strokes. Comb back again until smooth and glossy.

Fifty Style Lookbook.

For the second; dampen, then using gel similar to the previous style and a narrow-toothed brush, make a side part. Create volume with a blow dryer and give a finishing touch with hairspray. Moving to the wavy example. Apply gel, then push forward with a wide toothed brush. Use the comb to make a wave pattern and texture. Comb the sides backward and you have the wave. As the photographs flick past we've added a bit of music, hope you like it, otherwise activate mute mode by clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom left of the video playback utility.

Now we reach the soft faux. Work the front section up and smooth the sides down. Again use the pomade to shape the structure. Scrunching the hair upward facilitates the height needed to keep the style in place. The coolest is the rock faux. Continue to mold the shape upwards from the soft faux style. Comb the sides towards the front. Apply more pomade or hairspray if required to achieve the necessary shape. You can also use a blow dryer to get more lift.