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Little Braids Can Add Interest.


Got yourself a brand new spanking haircut? Unsure about the potential styles? Definitely, a good video to begin with. Brace yourself for this informative fashion journey. The first is a side braid. All you need to do here is part to one side, then take a section from the front, twist and pin back. Clip the twist to attach it and you're ready for a casual stroll, shopping trip or lunch date. Next in line is quite similar. Center part then braid sections from both sides. Loosen the braids and pin to the back. Using a flat iron, straighten the side and back and you're done with this cool and interesting look.

The third is a beehive derivatve. For this clip sections from both sides, backcomb to puff the back into a bubble and you've got a novel, awesome style. Fourth uses a French braid to one side, super easy and awesome. Side-part, take a section and French braid as shown. Next in line is a bubble quiff. Take a section from the front and pin backward loosely then backcomb volume into the sides.

Buns and Ponytails.

Sixth is a loose bun or ponytail with wispy sides. Center part and tie back, leaving flicks at the front, casual and stylish. To make the next one take the bun or ponytail and pin it to create a French twist, this example is the most elegant, something you would wear at a formal party. The last one is a duo of twirled braids. Center part, then take two sections from one side and twirl backward and pin.