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Big Edgy Style from


Bored of your regular appearance? Searching for a makeover that's quick and glamorous? Here's something to make you the hot topic of office gossip. Technically based on the Marcel wave but brushed giving maximum volume, it's quick, easy, stylish and uber cool.

First, you need a working or texturizing spray, used here is Aquage which is quick to dry but remains malleable, unlike traditional hairspray. Section off from the crown, backcomb (also known as teasing or ratting) to give extra lift, iron into a big curl or wave using curling tongs or, in this case, flat irons and work gradually forward repeating the process in increments, treat the sides the same.

Allow cooli8ng then brush through. Ensure every part cools down prior to brushing. That stage may be a little difficult given the amount of styling product in your hair. Try to structure and build using your fingers. Here you can see the awesome wavy effect going through the hair. Adds oodles of adorable character. Tuck any wispy pieces behind or in front of your ears as preferred. Enlist the help of a wide toothed comb and your fingers, try reshaping until you're happily garnished with the desired look. When you get the look you want, spray all over. There you go, get ready to be the personality of the week in social circles.