Best short hair styles for women


Best short hair styles for women

Short hairstyles have always been fascinating in the way they embrace a chic and stylish outlook. Women of all age groups are smitten by the many ever-changing short hair cut styles that are available as there is always a hardcore group that never goes out of fashion. The best thing about a short hairstyle is that it’s a statement in itself. A pop of color and a bit of detail is all it takes. Short looks are easy when trying to step up your style game and are more versatile with loads of styling options. If you’re a girl with short tresses, you can try out new and interesting effects to sport your new look.

We have carefully chosen the coolest and most strikingly gorgeous hairstyles from the International Fashion Week ramp and also celebrity faces from across the globe. Get inspired by these latest short hair cuts for women of all age groups to discover a new you!!

The Ultra-Chic Bob

This hairstyle is always on trend for its edgy and super sophisticated finish. The blunt-cut bob is always timeless due to its endless variations. This sleek haircut looks great for women with oval, square or heart-shaped faces. It’s a hairstyle that is super customizable and versatile, that goes with any type and texture of hair. Pair with some complementary color, some gorgeous waves, or a stellar fringe and your new look is all ready to flaunt. This lovely hairstyle is totally on-trend now!! You’re going to look effortlessly beautiful and subtle. The best part about this hairstyle is it will help you conceal those features you don’t want to draw attention to.

The Quintessential Lob

The ever-popular lob might be the style every girl loves or aspires to possess. It’s a new way to make a bold change, but still feels feminine and has got diversified style to flaunt your look. A lob that is slightly longer in the front and shorter at the back, amps up the cool and classy vibe and works best with any face shape. Curl the edges towards the chin for a richer look. There are many variations for the lob to make a world of difference. Just nail your look with a lob that’s super flexible and classy!

Vintage Style French Curls

A lot of celebrities these days have dabbled with short curls, but only the occasional few really stand out. You’re sure to get hooked on this retro hairstyle inspired from 20’s French Fashion. It takes your overall look to a whole new level for the elegance it adds to your silhouette. If you’re looking for a chance to refresh your look and create new vibes, then a French Curl is the one for you. It’s unique and attractive in its own way and perfect for pixie cuts, bobs, lobs or crops. So, it’s time to give your tresses a fresh hairdo.

The Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is simply glam and fab! You’re sure to look bold and dramatic and certainly have to be brave enough to try this style. Just be aware that after a pixie hair cut, you’ll find your sense of style totally changed and evolved into a bolder outlook!! Women who sample pixie cuts fall in love with their new hairdo, as it sets her free from messing about with long locks in the morning. A pixie cut can be the most flattering and compatible with any lifestyle for anyone wanting to revamp their look. This one-of-a-kind hair cut calls for bold makeup choices, statement accessories, and daring menswear-inspired outfits. An ideal choice for hair of all types, colors, and textures.

The Cute Crop Cut

It’s a short hair undercut with a long top section that makes one stand out among the crowd. It is super convenient to keep and maintain and needs minimal styling. This hair cut is absolutely work-friendly and looks minimalistic. Bleach the ends of your hair and keep the roots darker to sport a unique look and give the top of your head some volume. To keep the cut in style, visit your hairstylist every eight weeks. And when the hair grows out, run a flat iron to make the look more playful. Experiment with some of the latest hair color trends to create a signature look!!

The Subtle Soft Layers

Layered short hairstyles are in trend in the fashion and beauty industry these days and preferred by many women for their sassy and sweet look. Undoubtedly, a layered short hair cut is trending with diversified styles as it looks awesome for women of any age. A super easy to style hair cut that’s comfortable and cool to wear in hot weather and sultry climates. A versatile hair cut that can channel beach vibes and even fit a formal occasion. You don’t have to worry about every curl because the unconfined strands create a lively vibe. So, girls, a layered short haircut is a perfect choice when you like to wear neat and easy hair.

Feathered Hairdo

A feather cut is a classic hairstyle followed since its first incarnation due to its bouncy and fluffy finish. Its own individuality renders a relaxed and lighter look for anyone following this style. It best suits dense hair and is ideally cut by reducing the bulk in the crown region and creating wispy ends for that ultimate light and breezy feel. For short hair, to give a complete feathered look, the blunt cut is completely layered and textured intricately to give a ruffled texture. With a feathered hairdo, you can make your hair look very smart and modern with minimal maintenance.

Gorgeous Bangs Style

Bangs (fringe) are comprised of hair strands that fall over the scalp’s front line to cover the forehead just above the eyebrows that can be left ragged or ruffled in various patterns to create a signature look. Short hair cuts with bangs work well with natural texture. A bob cut with bangs is high in fashion with low maintenance and easy to style. A versatile hair cut for a young girl aspiring to look unique in her own way. The eye grazing blunt lobs create a girlish charm and alluring style.

So girls! It’s time to slay the look with your short hairstyle and crank up your style quotient!!

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