Haircare for your Shorter Tresses


Haircare for your Shorter Tresses

Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil for Haircare.

When hair gets cut to a much shorter style it’s often assumed it requires a lot less care. While it may be true that brushing no longer takes an hour a day, or braiding required to keep it from turning into a rat’s nest in the morning, chopped locks still need loving care. It still needs washing and conditioning. It may be generally true that it needs less time spent but only because there is less of it and so takes less time to do what you’ve always done in the past.

If you get an unpleasant build-up of old shampoo, conditioner or styling product, it might be time for a vinegar rinse. The cosmetologist might use Borax but you’re less likely to have that lying around so in many cases Apple Cider Vinegar will do. Take a cup of apple cider vinegar into the bathroom with you when you take a shower.

A non-conditioning shampoo (this once). Use enough vinegar to get to the ends, dilute the vinegar with a bit of water if necessary or use more. Then rinse the apple cider vinegar out thoroughly with a shower head to eradicate the smell. This process has two beneficial effects due to the low pH of the vinegar, any waxy build-up loosens and gets rinsed out and the acidic solution will cause the cuticle to lie flat making it shiny and easier to brush or comb. Apple cider vinegar is also reported to combat dandruff.

Shampoo AND conditioner.

Use a great shampoo but short hair may need conditioning too. There’s nothing worse than a dried out and frizzed bob. To keep your tresses looking great, make sure to use conditioner after every single wash.

If using conditioner after every shampoo isn’t enough to keep your shorter tresses looking stunning. Keep the dryness at bay by trying a weekly hot oil treatment. This is usually only necessary with longer bobs. An often more effective and cheaper alternative to name-brand hot oil treatments is coconut oil or olive oil.

There are different ways to use coconut oil or olive oil to improve dryness. The first is to apply it at night and wrap the head with plastic wrap or a shower cap to keep the oil from dripping onto your face or pillow and also to keep the heat in overnight. Then in the morning wash and style as usual. The second method is to place a small amount of the oil onto your head preheated. Make sure you don’t heat the oil too much or you’ll burn yourself. Take care in selecting the heating vessel because untreated glass can shatter under extreme temperature changes. Sealed containers can explode if heated.

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