Kim Kardashian – We Give Her a Short Hair Makeover


Kim Kardashian – We Give Her a Short Hair Makeover

We know Kim Kardashian for many things, riding motorbikes topless in music videos, breaking the internet etc, not the typical girl next door. All throughout her time in the spotlight, Kim’s always sported long, dark, shining locks. But what if she were to follow the status quo of celebrity trends and chop it all off?

In the first picture, Kim K’s hair isn’t only shorter; it’s a brand new color. Sporting honey blonde locks works surprisingly well! This manageable style still takes a touch of effort, the bangs have to be contoured a certain way using either your fingers and some mousse or a straightener. On one side, it’s quite thick, while the other has less volume.

Blonde Curls.

Now, here’s a fun cut. Many women in Hollywood have worn the classic, or something similar, over the years. Most have pale complexions in common. Kim’s genetic heritage is part Armenian and she and her family make some use of this by marketing a tanning lotion range.

She’s a touch dark for the level of blonde on the featured style, think a couple of shades down. Possessing an air of antiquity, it’s ideal for someone who’s a little older. This girl looks ageless, so the curls and volume may be at odds with her general style.

A Couple of Pixies.

A touch punk? A popular shorter haircut for women recently. Since Kim wears a lot of make-up, she has nothing facial to hide that’s not already hidden. So she has the perfect opportunity to pull off this all-revealing pixie cut. The slight red tinge also matches her skin tone very well. The gold epaulets are too bulky for the lower volume, though. We know which should go first.

In theory, all the volume up top and little at the sides shouldn’t work with Kim’s longer face but she could pull this one off quite successfully. The warm browns also work with her complexion and make-up. The shoulder wear is an issue again.

Shiny Bob.

This angled bob is thick and voluminous, Ms. Kardashian can get away with most designs as we’ve seen, if you’re a mere mortal, combining a long face and something so stacked might not be complimentary, there’s too much poof going on. She also has sharp features that she mixes very well with a blunt cut, so the downwards angle that works for her might not for all.

Did you enjoy looking at these various hairstyles on the ever-stylish Kim Kardashian? Do you have any ideas for cute short cuts that would look great with her tanned skin and dark eyes? Experimenting with different short designs can lead to many happy surprises! Try it yourself with our makeover tool, we may have predicted what she’ll get next at the salon.

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