Look chic with your curls


Look chic with your curls

Curls can be a blessing or curse. For most women, it’s a curse at least once in their lives and it’ll always be an identifier. When was the last time you saw natural, curls grace the cover of a fashion magazine? When was the last time a famous person wear natural, curls? When was the last time you bought affordable shampoo for natural curls? Joking aside, natural curls are something that many women are envious of.

Love or Hate it, you’ll have to Learn to Live in Harmony with it.

Everything’s different for naturally curly girls! Cutting requires a firm understanding of physics. Coloring requires an even better understanding of chemistry, if you failed advanced chemistry, you need to learn how to treat chemical burns because bleach or coloring chemicals on the porous, thirsty beasts that are your curls can sometimes end in tears. Modern-day ladies have something that curly girls of previous generations didn’t: the internet, you’re already giant leaps and bounds ahead of most curlies from the past who winged it with trial and error. If you crave a messy bun in under three minutes, there’s the internet. An interesting utility we found was a frizz forecast based on the weather forecast for your local area.

You can type into a search engine “curly mess” and have thousands of entries clamoring to advise on remedies for a mess of curls Trial and error weren’t eliminated, you still need to figure out how to use the diffuser and get the round brush unstuck. Nobody will ever discover what happened to those barrettes and bobby pins that never emerged from their wavy demise.

You and Your Curls will Learn to Play Nice.

The more compliments received on how gorgeous curls are the more woes melt away. Embrace what your Momma gave you! Genetically speaking it’s as likely to be your father.

Never, under any circumstances, employ actual rubber bands. No matter how hot and humid, no matter how frizzy or itchy or uncomfortable your locks make you, the temporary relief of pulling your curls out of your face will pale in comparison to the anguish you’ll face when rifling through with scissors wondering “rubber band or hair chunk?”.

Embrace curls from previous generations and love the curls currently surrounding you!

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