Looking for a Short Hairstyle? Help a Child with the Offcuts


Looking for a Short Hairstyle? Help a Child with the Offcuts

You’ve grown your hair nice and long and ticked that particular box. Now it’s time for a drastic change, time to chop it off. Can you reuse those leftover locks?

Have you ever thought how your chopped hair can bring smiles to others’ face?

Donate those offcuts. Never considered it before? It’s for an amazing cause. It’ll make both you and a person who’s suffered from a terrible illness feel better. The donations make wigs for children who’ve lost theirs to a disease.

There are several organizations that accept donations, we recommend Locks of Love.

Located in Florida, this organization is non-profit, non-religious, and non-judgemental. They make a strong point that they don’t discriminate, whether you’re giving or receiving.


It means that whether you’re a Christian, agnostic, or whatever religion, whether you’re a pessimistic nihilist or an optimistic liberal postal worker from Tibet, you’re qualified to give to others. Children are also qualified to receive a wig. There’s no judgment. Locks of Love isn’t a charity by force but out of … well, love.

Generally, wigs for cancer or alopecia patients cost thousands of dollars. Locks of Love tries to make wigs as inexpensive as possible, dependent on the patient’s medical bills and needs. They can even give the wigs away for free if the situation allows. This means that even the poorest, most unfortunate children can be candidates for beautiful new wigs. Donating hair is a good cause, the possibility of a free wig for someone who couldn’t afford it otherwise is a cherry on top.

Through Locks of Love’s website or their hotline, you can apply, donate or nominate a child who should receive a new head of hair. Most of these children suffer from Alopecia or cancer, all of them are suffering from some loss of self-worth due to illness.


In order to donate, your hair must be in a ponytail or braid, unbleached, not taken off the floor, and ten inches or longer (if some sections are a touch shorter they can still be used). Colored or permed hair is also acceptable.

Lots of beautiful hair needing a good home? Check out www.locksoflove.org, grab a plastic bag and some scissors, and get chopping! You’ll be making a huge difference to a child preventing some further emotional pain and suffering. It’s amazing how much this can mean to other people, especially young children.

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