Popular short haircuts for Celebs and the Rank and File


Popular short haircuts for Celebs and the Rank and File

Some Popular Cuts

Even though many believe long equals beautiful, the designs are rather limited. For short, the situation is reversed. Find hundreds of fresh ideas and appearances with unique elements. In addition, it’s easier to manage and keep healthy and look great in both curly and straight flavors or somewhere in between.

Women with straight but fine strands can face an awfully difficult task having long locks. The same can be true at the other end of the scale in the case of thick hair. The problems each extreme can face are similar but for different reasons. Fine often gets oily and lank at the roots but porous, fragile, and weak at the ends giving the dilemma of which problem to tackle first in your treatment regime; heavy conditioners may prevent breakage and damage at the ends but add to the oiliness at the root whereas light conditioners may be insufficient for delicate areas.

Thick hair often tends to be coarse and dry, again leading to breakage and damage at the ends no matter how much heavy conditioner you throw at it. A way of eradicating this problem is by going for shorter designs that are fashionable and manageable. Not only do they require much less maintenance but also thanks to their ability to add body to fine flyaways and eliminating damaged ends in the case of thick. The following are a few ideas that will urge you to strike out in that direction.

Long Bangs

The name may imply otherwise but this is a short style, worn in conjunction or hybridized with other elements. Leave longer bangs falling over the face. To achieve this your stylist will have to make a side part and then run a flat iron over the falling locks. Curly women can also wear this. Here Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham is sporting long side-swept highlighted bangs.

Bob Cut

There aren’t many other options as fashionable and versatile as the bob. The bob is a very broad term and there are many different varieties such as shaggy bob, A-line, inverted, and many others. Using our makeover utility is a good way of finding which suits them best.

Rihanna, RB Princess, wearing a dark asymmetrical bob.
Pixie Cut

A pixie is simple and capable of making fine and straight locks appear stronger and less flaccid. Women with pixies never need more than a couple of minutes to towel dry after a shower. The only trouble is, in its most simple form, it won’t suit everyone however you can tweak it to suit your face shape. In simple terms, add height if you have a round face and keep the sides cut close, add body to the sides if you have a slender one.

Here is a model wearing a quintessential pixie cut

These are only a few ideas to mull over, many hundreds more in the gallery, celebrity section, and makeover utility.

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