Top 3 Shawl Styling Tips For Next Fall


Top 3 Shawl Styling Tips For Next Fall

Slightly Chilly Weather Arrives, Meaning Shawl Season!

Shawls are one of the world’s most fashionable ways to keep warm, there are many awesome ways they can be worn. A shawl looks like a scarf, you could use it like one but you’d miss out on many cool possibilities, so experiment a little.

Let’s look past the normal ways to wrap shawls around the neck, and try something a little more fashionable, a little more unique, and awesome.

Drape Over Your Arms.

You can always drape the scarf over your arms like a cape, but let’s take it to the next level. Stretch your shawl out so it’s flat, put it around your arms and neck as normal. Then grab either side and pull so one’s about twice as long. Now wrap around like a scarf so the end is behind you. Wrap it around the chest and twist, making sure the twist follows through the back and is only in one place. You should be left with an infinity scarf.


Another interesting way is like a long shirt. Spread your scarf out completely and use your arms to secure it. Now wrap it around your body. Wrap it all the way around using either a bobby pin or tuck in. Don’t worry about support because you’ll keep it in place with a belt around the middle. Wear with a white or black shirt for best results.

The third unique way produces an effect similar to sleeves. Useful if wearing a short sleeve shirt in autumn when it’s a touch chilly. Take a shawl and arrange it like a cape once more. This time, use bobby pins to wrap it around your arm. Most shawls are big enough to reach your wrists, or close enough, bobby pin to fix. This will give you faux sleeves, so you’ll stay warm no matter what you’re doing outside.

Three new shawl tips to look cute autumn into winter!

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