About Us

About Us.

With the celebrity bandwagon going down short hair boulevard, everybody else wants one too! Our website short-hairstyles.com has all the tools you need to inspire you to find the style you want. Admire cropped hairstyles on artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift? It’s your time to shine. The handling of our website is by a fashion enthusiast group and web designers who sense people’s desires. Hailing from Valley Cottage, New York, we’re aware of the latest hair trends that’ll rock with hot dresses and funky clothes. Our Mailing address: Jade Web Design, 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4715 Valley Cottage, NY, 10989, US. The location of our servers is in downtown Chicago.

Our website is designed to perfection by expert web designers. When you visit our website, you’ll spot different galleries showcasing several hairstyle themes. If you’ve got it; short it! Rid yourself of those tangled locks and enjoy being free, exactly why we’ve compiled this vast resource to make your transition easier. Don’t find inspiration in the galleries? Never fear, you’ve only scratched the surface, plenty more in makeover utility, blog and style focus sections.

The location of our European Design House is in The UK. Hargrave House, Old Church road, Water Orton B46 1NJ

Our blog section has as many styles as the gallery, accompanied by tips, tricks and stories to inform or entertain. Sift through the video section which contains several hundred more styles and tutorials to relax with. The visitor portfolio is another huge collection of distilled inspiration. They’re dwarfed by the near infinite number of style and color variations in our makeover utility. Our website serves as a universal guide to short hairstyle world. Long and loose curls aren’t groovy anymore; cut it short and make it bob!