Bangs or a Fringe.

We know Kim Kardashian for many things, riding motorbikes topless in music videos, breaking the internet etc, not the typical girl next door. All throughout her time in the spotlight,[...]


Throughout history, long hair on women is often viewed as a sign of femininity. Women and young girls have had waist-long tresses styled in braids, buns, ribbons and piled in[...]


The term “edgy” means different things to different people. If you've grown up in a religious family, it could mean something different if rock stars raised you. What does edgy[...]

Curves or curls.

In the interest of balance, we take a look at long hair in this post The idea of getting ready for job interviews after graduation is bad enough wearing short[...]

Featured Hairstyles

Top 10 Celebrities Flying the Flag for Shorter Locks Nobody wears shorter hairstyles better than our very own celebrities. Here's some inspiration for your next choice or just scroll through[...]


Consider a pixie and transform to a simpler to care for, younger looking, more modern take on the sixties classic. The Most Famous Pixie cuts Famous women have donned pixies[...]

Shaved crop.

Some Popular Cuts Even though many believe long equals beautiful, the designs are rather limited. For short, the situation is reversed. Find hundreds of fresh ideas and appearances with unique[...]

Voluminous curls.

Curls can be a blessing or curse. For most women, it's a curse at least once in their lives and it'll always be an identifier. When was the last time[...]