Short spiky hairstyles for women

Short spiky hairstyles for women

Project Description

Get on the Spiky Side.

Short and spiky hair on women is a powerful look that can be both edgy and super-glamorous. This style has been on-trend since the 80’s, but the contemporary look is very cool and casual; ever heard of bed-head styling? You’re on the right track. Say goodbye to the mousse or hair gel and hello to matte spikes with a soft, easy edge. It’s all about styling products and working with your hair to give it those short, sharp accents without looking like you’ve tried too hard to achieve it.

Bonus Video Slideshow. Extra 50 Short Styles.

Invest In the Right Products For Styling.

If you’re thinking about opting for a short and spiky haircut or are struggling to control those sharp locks, it’s all about selecting the right products to ensure you get the look you’re after. For matte effect spikes with lots of hold, always choose a salt texturing spray to put right through the roots and lengths of your hair to give it the best volume and texture possible before adding a wax or hairspray. The wet look is a thing of the past; these days, it’s all about mattified texture and extra hold, without the crunch. Finding the perfect product for you is easy with a little research. From wax sticks to texture spray to volumising powder, it’s now easy to get that salon-ready styling from home.

There have been some seriously stylish famous ladies rocking a short and sharp spiky haircut of recent. One of the most famous and long-lasting spiky styles is pop princess, Pink, who has famously styled her tresses in this vibrant short ‘do for years. During one of Miley Cyrus’ style transformations, she also decided to opt for the chop and take her cut super short with a centre, almost Mohican style spike in bright flashes of platinum blonde. We’ve seen super-sophisticated spike haircuts from the likes of Oscar winning actress, Halle Berry, which verge on a pixie cut but have that undeniable spike styling and bright and colourful spiky looks from Kelly Osbourne in her lilac haired heyday.

Ash Blonde Pixie Spikes

A classic pixie cut, which is styled to perfection into textured spikes, creating a Mohican shape down the centre of the ‘do. Or try super-cropped and shaved at the back and sides which means you can keep the length at the top to create this statement cropped, spiked hairstyle. An added balayage effect through the colour gives it extra dimension. Messy hair is in and messy pixie hair is even better. With added layers, this tapered crop is edgy and cool, yet playfully casual. Casual, relaxed spiky hair takes casual styling and longer lengths at the top of the head give the cut new life. It’s all about adding extra layers to the cut so there is maximum texture.

Take bold to a whole new level, wallowing in textured designs and maximum theatrics. We don’t advocate shaving your locks like some celebrities but sometimes you have to shout to make yourself heard.

Wild and Free.

Photographs of wild, free ideas that are wearable and unique. Although on the surface these wouldn’t seem professional, apply a soupcon of modification, a good portion are suitable for office jobs. They shine when you desire something different. If you’re bored of your usual cut, borrow elements from these and spruce it up a notch. These illustrations scream trend and fashion with the interplay of colors, textures, and different lengths.

The gallery before had quite remarkable stuff but this may be for the purist. Some include more sober ideas keeping you on your toes.

Mix with Bangs?

Age-old riddle: is spiking and leaving bangs making things too weird? Usually yes, so combine front edges up in the points. Prefer a fringe? Try pulling it into points down in a mirror image of the top, makes fun, interesting effects. Mess up and it can drag the effect downwards. A gamble, but calculated, much practice is required.