Balayage styles for short hair

Balayage styles for short hair

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The Ombré And Balayage Takeover In Women’s Hairstyles.

There has not been a trend as big as balayage or ombré since “the Rachel“. This light to dark look has taken over the hair industry for the last couple of years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Whether it’s a natural fade from light brown to highlights or bold, statement color blocking with more obvious transitions, ombré and balayage are in it for the long haul within the hair and beauty world. Short balayage/short ombré hairstyles can work just as well as longer hair; it’s all about the blend.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Short Balayage and Ombre Styles.

What’s The Difference Between Ombré and Balayage?

Ombré and balayage coloring is very similar but has some important differences if you’re thinking about opting for this sun-kissed style. Ombré for short hair would mean a fade from (usually, but not always) dark roots to brighter blonde ends. The ends are fully brightened without any traces of the old darker base color.

Balayage, on the other hand, is a slightly more discreet and natural technique of this light to dark fade out. Balayage on short hair would mean a gradual fade from dark roots to light ends. However, pieces of the darker base color are still left throughout some of the lengths, so that the transition is much less obvious and the result is an overall more natural, sun-kissed effect.

How to Choose Between Ombré And Balayage.

Both the ombré and balayage styling techniques suit short hairstyles equally. The main way to select which option you prefer for your new dye job is the final result. Do you want a more drastic change with brighter, lighter, more definite ends? Then, select ombré. Or do you want a more natural result with darker pieces pulling through the lengths of the hair? Then, select balayage.

Typically, these dyed styles are used for natural shades of brunette and blonde to merge both colors into one faded style. However, if you’re looking for a more statement look, an ombré or balayage can be created from all the colors of the rainbow. We’ve seen tequila sunrise ombré, which takes a dark purple root, through to orange middle sections and bright yellow ends and the influx of the mermaid’s hair, which often includes greens, pinks, and blues within the styling.


Ombré and balayage hairstyles can look fantastic on short haircuts. You don’t always need lots of extra length to be able to create the perfect fade from dark to light and from long bobs to pixie cuts, this dye trend creates dimension and depth within the hair, alongside being stylishly on-trend.