Gallery 8 – Retro & More

Gallery 8 – Retro & More

Project Description

Old Fashioned is one thing, Retro is Another.

Let’s get one thing straight right away, retro does not mean old-fashioned. Old-fashioned is outdated, boring and predictable. However, retro means funky, reminiscent and seriously on-trend in 2021. Retro short hairstyles come in many different forms and can suit a huge variety of styles and colors, from 60’s Twiggy vibes to Marilyn’s soft Hollywood curls. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and diving into a new retro style, we have some great ideas and inspiration to get your juices flowing.

Adventurous Retro Behive.

The beehive is usually imagined with long hair, swept up into a ponytail but short hair can jump on this look and do it fabulously. A short retro beehive just requires a serious amount of hairspray and backcombing, allowing some of the shorter layers at the back to almost stand right on end. It’s a classic retro style for a sophisticated lady.

Bonus Video Slideshow. Extra 40 Curly Ideas.

Twiggy’s 60’s Vibe.

It’s an iconic image and an iconic haircut which has transcended past the ’60s and is still beautifully on-trend today. This sleek cut is all about shape and requires a bold, sharp side-parting, styled flat to the head. No volume necessary. This is the perfect cut for ladies with a little less volume naturally.

Short Hair with Finger Waves has to be one of the most stunning retro hairstyles on offer. It exudes glamour and that unspoken Hollywood sentiment that only a haircut can garner. Finger waves work fabulously on super short styles. Easier to achieve than you might imagine, the trick is to use the right products. Add setting gel to wet hair, dry straight and then start with the first wave, using a barrel hot curling iron, set one wave, release, flip the curler and set the next in the opposite direction, continue for the entire lengths of the hair. Insert metal holding clips until the very last minute to make sure it sets in place and be generous with your hairspray!

Marilyn Curly Bob

This Marilyn Monroe inspired bob is just about as retro as it gets. With a wide and dramatic side parting, the Hollywood loose curls are left to fall elegantly around the face; the definition of feminine glamour. This style is most commonly seen on blonde hair but the style suits a short brunette bob style just as stylishly.

Vintage Short Curls

Retro or vintage curls are all about romantic heaviness and texture, which is easily achieved on shorter hair, as it holds less weight. Go for wide, rounded curls rather than waves to achieve this beautifully polished finish. The retro graduated bob is a 60’s style that resets the standards of a bob. Keeping it super short from front to back, it’s shaped to perfection. There’s a huge selection of short retro hairstyles you could opt for if you fancy a little history trip. Some make us reminiscence about the past decades or simply those which have transcended trends and stood the test of time. From 60’s slick back to ultra-fem Hollywood glam, there’s a retro hair ‘do to suit every taste.

Give one from this selection a shot. Creative and unique styles are unusual and the world needs variation. These collections cover bright colors, sleek and spiky cuts, curly bobs and messy, choppy bangs. The elements that you choose make personal perfection. Graceful reds, elegant blonde or attractive browns. Colors, textures, and elements combine producing individuality.

The last collection was quite civilized, this one a little more brazen then we kick it up another notch in the next.