Gallery 6 – Short curly hairstyles

Gallery 6 – Short curly hairstyles

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Gallery 6 – Top Short, Curly Hairstyles To Rock.

You lucky curly-haired ladies out there quite often feel short haircuts aren’t the best option due to potential trickiness of styling. However, short and curly tresses can be one of the sexiest ‘do’s in circulation, not to mention being perfectly on-trend.

Having curls with your short hairdo supplies natural volume and height, so there’s nothing boring about this style. There are also many more options than you might realize on cuts, allowing you to chop and change whenever you feel a shake-up is needed.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Celebrities wearing Short Curls.

Can you name them all? Answers at the end.

Taming Those Curls.

When opting for a shorter cut with a curly mane, the key is the health and on-going protection and treatment of the hair. This doesn’t have to mean earth-shatteringly expensive products, but it will be worth investing in some decent stuff to make sure you keep your trim fresh and healthy.

Go for a curl specific shampoo and conditioner, if only for the satisfaction of knowing you’ve opted for something that knows what it’s dealing with. A good shampoo and conditioner for coils are 100% sulfate-free to ensure it’s not too harsh and avoids the dreaded frizz.

Take the time to figure out a great oil for your hair. When applied to wet hair it can have an incredibly effective result in keeping hair smooth and much easier to style. In the same breath, there are many leave-in curl creams out there, which help to avoid the crunch that many “normal” products can produce. From time to time, treat yourself to a hair mask. They don’t have to be super pricey and it gives your kinky style a real boost.

Most Famous Curly Haired Looks.

From the classic beauty of Scarlett Johansson, with her bright blonde, curled pixie cut, to Jennifer Lawrence’s super-chic and wavy, angled bob, the rich and famous have always dipped into the short, curly arena. We’ve seen style icon Sarah-Jessica Parker venture into the bob world with her famously coiled look, alongside Rita Ora and even Jennifer Lopez.

Hottest Short Curly Look Right Now.

There are so many options for short curls, but these are some of the hottest looks, on-trend right now. Eternally classic bobs with curls and waves lend themselves beautifully to a classic, chin-length bob. Whether you style it edgy with a sharp, middle part or opt for a pretty, tousled side-part, this look will always be en vogue.

Sexy short bob, shorter can be even better! Snipping those tresses up to just below ear gives you edgy, fashion-forward vibes.

The bob originated over a century ago; it gained popularity in the early 20th century, women sought its convenience when engaging in the war effort during World War I. The Roaring ’20s saw it become more than only convenient. The short bob was the hairstyle of the chic and stylish flappers.

After the 1930’s it fell out of favor. Reborn in the 1960s at the dawn of the Beatles and social upheaval surrounding the Vietnam War. Since then, the short bob has been going strong, supporting women with versatile and easy-to-manage styling regimes and gracing album covers, television, and movie screens. Whether you’re Cyndi Lauper, Uma Thurman, or an office manager, at some point you have found this the ideal cut.

A few ideas.

Curls don’t mean you can’t do bangs, a half-tamed, half-wild wavy fringe gives a short look some extra vitality. Dare to go extra short on the sides but keep your longer curls billowing from across the top. It’s sexy, easy to handle and perfect for this year’s hair trends. Balayage works insanely well for curly hair. Lightening the ends and incorporating some serious layers adds a multi-dimensional level to your ‘do that you just can’t beat.

Don’t be afraid to go super short for curly hair. Keeping a couple of longer sections at the front to create a side fringe will keep you feeling feminine. The curls will create all the volume by themselves, so zero work for you. Short, curly haircuts are in this year and the huge variety of options available means that anyone with natural curls should be jumping on the trend bandwagon and everyone with straight hair will be digging out the curling irons to coif the perfect look.