Gallery 3 – Short Bob Haircuts For Women

Gallery 3 – Short Bob Haircuts For Women

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Gallery 3 – Hottest Bob Hairstyles For Women.

The bob is a classic haircut and ranges from Victoria Beckham’s famous “pob” to the now ultra-trendy wavy lob (long bob), the bob has transformed over time to ensure its popularity remains intact. It’s one of the most versatile short haircuts due to its ability to be shaped and styled regardless of the shorter length.

Try our makeover tool to test your face shape and complexion suit a bob. An efficient way to visualize tons of suitable candidates starting at a few inches long ranging to midway down the neck and beyond. Explore how they work for different faces and how color affects the finished appearance.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Celebrities Sporting Bob Styles.

Can you name them all? Answers at the End.

The Bob & Its Variations.

A bob can be labeled as such if it’s anything from a shoulder-grazing, choppy length, right through to a chin-hugging, much shorter ‘do. If you’re considering the chop and fancy a bob for yourself, there is a variation of the cut for every face shape and style. Longer bobs or “lobs”, tend to sit just above the shoulders and there are then variations and alternative lengths to choose from at every stage of the neck, right up to the chin.

The famous graduated bob continues to trend in the hair and beauty world. This style consists of a much shorter and sometimes shaved cut at the back of the hair, graduating forwards, leaving the front lengths of the hair long, a few inches below the chin. Gone are the days when bobs had to be wash-and-wear.

I’d walk through fire for my best friend. Well, not fire, that’s dangerous. But a super humid room… well not too humid, because you know… my hair.. -Whimsical Quotes

Styling a Bob.

A bob is famously known in the beauty industry as one of the easiest shorter hairstyles to style yourself at home. It’s also one of the most versatile because of this fact; it’s so simple to create different looks quickly, mainly because you have less length to worry about. Bobs can come in the form of poker straight tresses, loose waves, soft curls, exaggerated blow-dry volume or even tight ring curls. Every variation works differently, giving ladies with a bob the ultimate in hairstyle choices.

60’s Inspired and Short.

Inspired by the ’60s but still absolutely relevant, this look is a classic bob. Styled straight and with a side-part, it’s sleek and sophisticated, plus so easy to achieve.

Short and Choppy.

Short and Choppy Layers can easily be added to a bob hairstyle to give it lots of volume and dimension. Paired with a blow-dry and some sea salt spray, this is 100% weekend, casual vibes.

Graduated Bob.

The graduated bob remains eternally fashionable when it comes to short hairstyles. Its allows an easy to deal with length at the back but you can keep some of your luscious length at the front. It’s the ideal trial style for a shorter look.

Chin Length and Side-Parted.

A beautifully classic short hairdo, this look is all about an over-exaggerated side-parting and that messy bed-head vibe. In the case of the super-short cropped bob it’s about as short as it gets before it becomes a pixie. It’s chopped to above chin length but still thick and chunky throughout the full lengths of the hair. No matter what hair color you have, bobs suit all tones. Finding the perfect shape and styling for you and your face shape is the most important factor, so make sure you discuss all the options available with your hairstylist in detail, be bold and go for the chop.