Red hair color ideas

Red hair color ideas

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Red Hair Trends.

Red hair is seriously hot right now. It’s the only hair color that has so many different variations on tone and shade that it’s almost impossible to class the palette as “red”. From natural ginger hues to vivid fiery dye, red will forever be one of the boldest and most statement shades to choose for a hair transformation.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Short Red Styles.

Red hair suits every cut of short hairstyle in the business. From sweeping and wavy long bobs to sharp pixie cuts and layered crops, you can find the perfect variation of red to blend with your short tresses.

Natural Short Red Hair.

Many natural redheads aren’t keen on their warm-hued locks as youngsters. However, most find that as stylish adults, the shade is not only sophisticated and sweet but can be incredibly sultry and sexy too.

Dyed Short Red Hair.

If you’re considering dying your hair red in the near future, you have a huge range of color options to decide between. Depending on your cut and skin tone there is certainly a shade of red hair that can suit everyone. From warm copper tones to post box red or even deep maroon, the variances in red are so big, some serious research will be needed before you select your palette.

As a rule of thumb for red hair tones, people with light skin and freckles with blue and green eyes suit warmer reds like copper, ginger and strawberry blonde. Cooler skin tones with brown eyes suit the deeper red shades, such as auburn and cinnamon. Olive and dark skin tones tend to suit the more statement shades of red in more vivid palettes.

Things to Consider When Dying Your Hair Red.

There are a couple of things to think about if you’re planning to take the plunge and dye your short tresses a shade of red. Firstly, red dye is infamous for its drastic fade. By this we mean, with only a few washes, the color does begin to quickly fade. There are a couple of things you to do to protect your hair from fading; wash it as little as possible and when you do, remember to always use color-protecting shampoo. Investing in this shampoo and conditioner after your dye job will help to make the most of your new color.

It’s also worth noting that red hair dye is known for its difficulty to reverse, should you change your mind. It can certainly be done, however, prepare yourself for a long day in the salon should you want to revert back to a cooler tone.