Purple and blue hair looks

Purple and blue hair looks

Project Description

A Range of Colors in the Penultimate Section.

Contemplating making a big image change? Chances are you’re looking at more than the length of coiffure. Many women choose a simultaneous color revolution, this could be as simple as opting for a neutral tone to cover gray. Choose bright and bold colors to bring your personality out. Considering changing color or adding highlights? Choose a cut to accommodate coloring. What’s the point of those highlights if the strands lay too flat to notice them? You’ll see vivid and elegant cuts that call for color experimentation. Go bright and spiky. Add deep undertones to asymmetrical bobs, or explore a darker shade and elegant mid-length pixies.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 in Blues, Violets, and Purples.


Explore these examples to see how a cut and vibrant color can create a completely new persona. Welcome to the penultimate selection. We feature a wide array of designs that can attract attention and accommodate bright colors.

Chic and Elegant.

Devotion to an interesting range of colors is the forte of this collection. Putting on a fantastic tone is meaningless if the sophistication of the end product is lacking. The cut can make or break any dying.

Colors can be applied in layers, the top is often brighter than the bottom. Highlights are high for a reason, otherwise, they’d be lowlights. Voluminous haircuts present better in lighter colors because many give the bounce a lighter tone. These have a pretty broad range, they’re not only bobs or pixies and a range of lengths. The main theme is coloring, accompanying chic, classy examples. These aren’t punky or boyish, they’re created for the classiest-looking women.

Unique and Fierce.

These samples are chic, cultivated and sophisticated but not without edginess. They’re not pink and purple, with half the head shaven and a butterfly tattooed naked scalp but they’re no shrinking violets either. In some, the sharp bangs are longer than the rest and layered to wedge proportions in others. You might see an older rock star or a classy leading lady wearing them. imagine formidable and powerful! Any lady sporting one takes on an aura of superiority, treading the line between modern and futuristic.

Some may require some styling products to achieve fierce and unique. Bangs are ripe for experimentation, comb to the side, dress up and brush backward, spike, or keep it straight down in the traditional fashion. Bangs are a versatile choice, base it on face shape but consider texture too.

The mane is your crowning glory and a girl’s got to keep that crown polished and perfect at all times.